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Frontline Plus for Dogs

When you have a canine friend who likes to go outside, mix with other four-legged friends at the dog park, or generally romp around in the backyard, you’re going to need flea and tick protection. These pests are just natural parasites that like to tack on a ride to your dog, whether he’s aware of it or not. Worse, they can be carried inside and start going after people too, causing a need for a household cleaning.

Frontline Plus for Dogs

stops the flea and tick cycle before it can get started. First, after application, the preventative medication destroys the presence of adult ticks and fleas on your canine friend. Further,


also stops flea eggs and tick eggs from growing and hatching. As a result, the pests are eradicated from your dog’s skin within a short amount of time after first application.

Next Frontline’s effects create a preventative barrier on your dog from new ticks and fleas getting a foothold. Regardless of whether they are larvae or adult size, the pests can’t survive on your dog once he’s protected. They die off or fall off to find other hosts. This barrier doesn't watch off with water or moisture and lasts up to a full month for each application.

Frontline dogs

of the age of 8 weeks can be treated with

Frontline Plus

. The package is sold with dosage for different size dogs, ranging from toy dogs to full size canines up to 132 lbs of weight. Further, the dosage packaging can be bought for short-term or long-term supply, ranging from 3 months to 12 months. Make your canine friends Frontline Plus dogs.
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