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Frontline for Cats - Top Spot

Frontline Top Spot

- If your feline friend goes outside around the neighborhood, mingles with other cats or animals, or even enjoys lounging on your patio in the afternoon sun, then you're going to need quality flea and tick protection. Frontline for Cats represents a well-known, effective name in pest control and prevention. Not only does a Frontline for Cats application protect cats as well as kittens from minuscule pets latching on for a ride in their fur, it also prevents the fleas and ticks from getting inside your home and deciding to go after humans for dinner as well.

Frontline for Cats

dosages are available for adult cat and kitten strength, keeping a furry friend protected for a full month between doses. Top Spot works effectively and safely for all cats at least 8 weeks and older. It provides owners the best protection possible on the market with the most effective, proactive prevention of fleas and ticks. Each Top Spot package comes with three doses, so one purchase covers a full quarter of a calendar year. Frontline also provides a number of other products that can augment pest protection in the form of Vita-Soothe Shampoo, Frontline Plus, Frontline Spray and even Frontline products for dogs as well.
Frontline for Cats - Top Spot
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