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Food Enzymes

What Are Digestive Enzymes?

We may feed our pets a nutritious diet, provide vitamin and mineral supplements, and still find that our pets are unable to obtain an optimal level of health. This could be because your pet has a deficiency of digestive enzymes. Pets get digestive enzymes by eating fresh raw food or in supplement form. Digestive enzymes are always a good idea for all stages of life in felines and canines. They aid in the breakdown of food and help pets absorb more nutrients from their diet. Deficiencies in the diet often bring on health problems or prolong illness. Enzymes breakdown various kinds of food. Protease is the enzyme that breaks down protein. Amylase works on carbohydrates and lipase on fat.

The Importance of Enzymes

Enzymes are the foundation of energy and life that nature added to the body. They build, detoxify, and heal, unlocking vital nutrients from food. Aside from regulating digestion, enzymes also regulate tens of thousands of other biochemical functions that take place in the body every day. Almost every process in the body requires enzymes. Enzyme supplements are very important to pets because they don't often eat anything in its natural state. Adding extra food enzymes helps the stomach break down and better digest the food. This relieves stress on the digestive system. Your pet can increase its nutrient absorption levels by 70%. Feeding pets food with no enzymes on a regular basis causes waste-toxins to accumulate in the blood, lymph's and tissues which contributes to a weak immune system. Over time, an unnatural diet with no enzymes can lead to various health issues in pets such as; Osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, digestive disorders, food allergies, joint pain, inflammation, fatigue, dry itchy skin, shedding, hot spots and many other stress related symptoms.

How Do Enzymes Work?

A lock-and-key model is useful in representing enzyme activity. The diagram below shows how the shape of the substrate (food particle) and the enzyme fit together like a lock and key. The enzyme breaks down the substrate, creating smaller pieces which are easier for the body to digest.

Enzyme Supplements:

  • Syner-G is a plant derived food enzyme supplement that aids in the digestion and nutrient absorption. Also helps with gas reduction, bloating, allergies and shedding in dogs and cats.

  • Missing Link delivers "living molecules" naturally occurring in whole foods, and often "missing" from our diets, such as enzymes, friendly bacteria, and phytonutrients.

  • Barley Dog and Barley Cat contains active enzymes, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help restore energy levels and promote healthy skin and coat.
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