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Year-Round Flea & Tick Protection

It's best to prevent fleas and ticks than to treat active infestations.Besides being irritating, fleas and ticks carry disease, some of which are transmittable to humans. Year-round flea and tick protection is extremely important for your pet's health and entire household safety. Flea and tick infestations can occur anytime of the year; all it takes is one bite to cause extreme discomfort. Yes, even one bite can initiate allergies in pets senstive to fleas and ticks. So it's best to keep giving the flea and tick control you use all 12 months of the year. Do not stop in winter or when you think the flea and tick problem is under control, because the minute you stop is when it can get out of control.

  • Repeat treatments are necessary to kill new parasites that jump on your pet and to kill the different stages of the parasite as they develop in your home and yard.

  • For monthly products, keep a reminder system. Try giving medications the same day of every month. Place the reminder in your calendar or on your refrigerator.

  • If your pet's a swimmer or bathed frequently, consider "waterproof" products such as Frontline Plus® or Revolution®, or "water-resistant" products such as K-9Advantix® or Advantage®.

  • Flea and Tick Control Medication

    K9 Advantix Flea Tick Control for DogsK9Advantix - Prevents and kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. It's a topical liquid that is used once monthly. Waterproof.

    Frontline Top Spot Flea Tick Control for Dogs and CatsFrontline Top Spot for Dogs or Frontline Top Spot for Cats - Prevents and kills fleas and ticks. Topical liquid that is used once monthly.

    Frontline Plus Flea Tick Control for dogs and catsFrontline Plus - Prevents and kills fleas and ticks. Topical liquid that is used once monthly. Waterproof.

    Program Flea ControlProgram Flea Control- Prevents pet flea infestation by preventing development of the flea eggs. Available in monthly pill and liquid forms for cats and in tablet formulation for dogs. It is often used with Capstar® that kills adult fleas when there is an active infestation.

    Capstar Flea Control for DogsCapstar - Kills adult pet fleas – starts killing adult fleas within 30 minutes. Pill formulation. It is often used with Program® to help prevent fleas and prevent eggs from hatching.

    Advantage Flea Control for dogs and catsAdvantage- Prevents and kills pet fleas. Liquid formulation that is applied topically on monthly basis.

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    Year-Round Flea & Tick Protection