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Fishbiotic Fluconazole Tablets, 100 mg, 10 count

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Fishbiotic Fluconazole is an antifungal medication used to treat topical and systemic fungal infections in fish. It is used in aquariums for treatment of fungus susceptible to fungus like Ichthyophonus hoferi and Saprol egnia fungus.

Key Benefits:

  • Antibiotic and antiprotozoal medication
  • Effective against fungal fish infections such as ichthyoponus hoferi and saprolegnia
  • Kills byropsis and green hair algae in mixed reef tanks
  • For aquarium use only


100mg Fluconazole activity.

Useful Information

Turn off skimmer for first 3 days. Activated Carbon and phosphate remover can be used after 3 days, but remove other chemical filtration. Empty 1 capsule for every 10 gallons of tank water (20mg per gallon) per gallon) into high flow area in sump. After 14 days perform a minimum 30% water change. Do not overdose. Filter socks are recommended during treatment in order to help clean the aquarium.

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