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Feliway Products

Enhancing your Cat's physical and emotional well-being Relieving stress and anxiety can have a large impact on a petís overall health and eliminate unwanted behaviors that may affect the human animal bond you have with your pet.


Feliway (75mL) Spray
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Feliway is a scientifically proven product used to control and manage unwanted feline behavior such as urine marking, vertical scratching, and generalized stress, which can have health implications on your cat. Feliway is the first synthetic analogue of the feline facial pheromone which provides familiarity and security in the environment, and mimics the pheromone deposited by cats when the rub their cheeks on objects in their surroundings. The chart below details circumstances where your cat may benefit from Feliway.

  Feliway Spray Feliway Diffuser
Urine Marking Yes
After cleaning the urine spot with an appropriate cleaner (Urine Away), completely cover the area with Feliway spray, along with prominent objects in the environment once daily for 30 days.
The Feliway diffuser is typically #1 choice. Plug the diffuser in the room where the urine marking is occurring after cleaning all urine marks with appropriate cleaner(Urine Away). The Feliway Plug-in diffuser will cover 500-750 sq. ft. and typically one diffuser is effective, unless the cat spends time on another floor of the house.
Scratching Preferred
Apply Feliway once per day, covering the entire scratched surface, and other areas that may be attractive to cats. Provide a scratching post for the cat.
Plug Feliway Diffuser in room where scratching is occurring.
Multi-Cat Households Yes
Apply Feliway 2-3 times/day on marked sites after cleaning, and once/day on prominent objects in the environment
Plug Feliway Diffuser in room most commonly occupied by the cats
Travel Yes
Spray Feliway at each corner of the carrier and to the bedding/blanket at least 15 minute prior to departure
Not applicable
First Treatment for Stress Related Behaviors Yes
Apply Feliway spray on prominent objects throughout household once/day for 30 days.
Plug Feliway diffuser in the area most commonly occupied by the cat(s)