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Feliway Calming Wipes for Cats, 12 Ct

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Feliway Wipes are your solution to help you calm and control your anxious cats. Feliway Wipes use pheromones to create a natural and convenient way to calm your cat. Feliway wipes are easy to use and contain the same ingredients as Feliway spray for a low cost way to treat feline stress, thereby preventing stress related issues such as eating disorders, Feline interstitial cystitis, and feline psychogenic alopecia. Feliway Wipes are a spot on solution that will leave your cats calm and collected.

Feliway wipes are disposable and allow you to create particular spots that your cat will find comforting. This allows you to create trails and place for your cat to stay. These wipes can also be used to make trips to the veterinarian much easier and can make a cat comfortable before going to bed. Order Feliway Wipes for your cat today!

  • Calming travel wipes mimic a cat's natural facial pheromones, which creates a state of familiarity and security.
  • Use them to wipe down hard surfaces like his carrier, plane surfaces, car dashboard or console, and more.
  • Comes in individually wrapped, single-use sachets for convenience and ease of use.
  • Veterinarian recommended and clinically proven to have calming results.
  • Re-apply every four to five hours, and you've got stress relief on the go.
  • Ingredients

    F3 fraction Feline facial pheromone analogue 10%
    Ethanol (90%) q.s. 2.5 ml

    Useful Information

    Rub one wipe thoroughly inside the cat carrier, or directly on the cat's bedding. Apply to area until the wipe starts to dry, then dispose of wipe in wastebasket. Re-apply Feliway before each trip, after thorough cleaning of the carrier.

    What is Feliway? Feliway is the UK's leading cat behaviour product scientifically proven to help stop and prevent unwanted behaviours in cats.

    How do I know if my cat is stressed? When cats become stressed they can start behaving strangely or acting inappropriately. Examples are urine marking, vertical scratching or intercat tension. However cats won't always exhibit these extreme behaviours to show they are upset, they may appear to be withdrawn, nervous and easily startled or demanding attention. They may also groom themselves excessively or get into conflict with people, cats and other pets in the household. Upset cats may avoid social interaction, hide or can even go off their food.

    How can Feliway help? When a cat feels safe in its environment, it will rub its head against furniture, walls or the bottom of the curtains, leaving substances called facial pheromones. Feliway is a synthetic copy of this pheromone and is proven to reassure and comfort cats, helping them to cope with changes in their environment. Developed after years of veterinary research, Feliway is scientifically proven to help stop unwanted behaviour in cats.

    Customer Reviews

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    By Carmen
    La Canada, California
    August 1, 2016
    I waited for months to get the wipes. Two years ago my vet introduced them to us and ever since then we use them whenever we need to go to the vet or on a trip. They are an excellent complement to the spray and are easy to use. They are portable too.
    thank you for making them available again.
    • none
    By M L.
    South West FL
    Good product
    April 11, 2015
    No problem with product

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