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Feliway Spray Articles

The Facts About Feliway Spray Cats are very different from dogs, not only in the way they look, but in the way they act and interact with each other. Cats are usually standoffish, whereas dogs are more likely to come up to you and want to play or be friendly. Cats can also have behavioral problems that cause spraying and urination when inappropriate, especially when they are feral. This is why the Feliway spray was developed. What is Feliway Spray? In an attempt to find something that is calming for your cats and can prevent agitation or excitement which can lead to spraying, Feliway spray is easy to use and is harmless to your cats. The idea is to create an environment in which the cat feels more relaxed and isn't threatened by other cats. Feliway has coined the term the "comfort zone", which is a good indication of what the spray was designed to do.The Feliway line isn't just a spray, but offers a diffuser as well that can be plugged into a wall unit to create the same relaxing setting that the spray creates.

This spray is nothing more than a duplicate of a cat's pheromones, which is what the cats carry in their scent glands. The Feliway is so powerful, that cats will not urinate or spray anywhere near where the Feliway spray has been used. The Effectiveness of the Feliway Spray The Feliway spray has been proven to be effective in both male and female cats in resolving behavioral problems in the home. The Feliway will prevent your cats from urinating when it isn't appropriate, and can help relieve their tension with the creation of their natural pheromones. The Feliway spray can also be applied to any areas that the cat has previously sprayed, which will change the way your cats react around that same spot. The 6 pack of bottles can now be purchased to help pet owners save money, and have more spray on hand when they need it. One spray per application is necessary in order to be effective, which means that Feliway is more powerful than we think.

It is best to treat any urine marks and or objects that they spend time around frequently, 1 to 2 times per day for up to one month. This will ensure that there is maximum coverage of the area in which the problems have occurred. When the problem is severe, than it may be necessary to use the spray every two to three days thereafter, to ensure that the coverage of pheromones is consistent, and gives you peace of mind knowing that your cat's behavior is changing. Feliway spray is now one of the most highly recommended products to help keep cats from spraying and urinating when inappropriate. Many users also feel that the spray is more effective than the diffuser because it can be used to target specific areas in the home, and outdoors. Diffusers can only be used indoors so the spray makes it more convenient. You can go to today to order your Feliway.