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Feliway Classic Diffuser Refill, 48 mL

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Is your cat peeing outside the litter box, scratching or hiding?

These behaviors are likely caused by fear and anxiety.

FELIWAY CLASSIC products are a clinically proven, drug-free solution to help alleviate many of the unwanted behaviors cat owners deal with.

FELIWAY CLASSIC refills provide "happy messages" to cats to make them feel calm and comfortable at home. By mimicking the natural feline reassuring messages (pheromones), FELIWAY CLASSIC helps cats happily adjust to pace of modern life.

Use FELIWAY CLASSIC refill vials along with the FELIWAY CLASSIC diffusers (sold seperately) if your cat shows signs of discomfort like peeing outside the litter box, hiding, or destructive scratching. Reduces urine spraying in 9/10 cats. Can see results within 7 days. You may also consider if you anticipate changes in your home (moving, renovation, redecorating, arrival of a new pet, arrival of a new family member).

Use the diffuser in the room where your cat spends the most time. FELIWAY CLASSIC Refill vials include one refill vial (diffuser head sold seperately). It is recommended to replace the refill every 4 weeks, even if a small amount of liquid remains in the vial (the vial will never be completely empty).

  • #1 brand used and recommended by veterinarians.
  • Clinically proven to work. Reduces urine spraying in 9/10 cats. Can see results within 7 days.
  • Drug-free solution that helps reduce signs of stress such as peeing outside the litter box, scratching and hiding.
  • CLASSIC Refill includes one vial per package that lasts up to 30 days (diffuser head sold seperately).
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Cat appeasing pheromone analogue: 2%. Excipients to: 100g

Useful Information

  • FELIWAY® Diffusers should be placed where the cat spends the most time. If you are considering this product for a cat peeing outside the box, you can also place the diffuser in the room where the cat is urine spraying most often.
  • FELIWAY® Diffuser should be used for at least 30 days. Most behaviors will show improvement within 7 days, including peeing outside the box and scratching furniture. Depending on the behavior, you may need to continue using the FELIWAY® Diffusers longer than 30 days.
  • When choosing a plug for the FELIWAY® Diffusers, make sure there is nothing above the outlet that will obstruct the airflow and diffusion of the pheromone. It should not be placed under a cabinet, behind a couch, or near an open window.
  • Refills will last up to 30 days but some variations may occur depending on air flow and ambient temperature within the room.
  • One diffuser will cover up to 700 sq ft in an open floor plan. The diffuser will not diffuse pheromone outside of any given room though. Given the size, floor plan, and where your cats spend the most time, you should consider getting more than one diffuser.
  • Diffuser heads should be replaced every 6 months.
  • Newly plugged in diffuser units may have a slight odor for the first 24 hours, but it may last up to 72 hours. Pheromone diffusers are made of self-extinguishing plastic and comply with the International Electro-technical commission (IEC), European (EN) and UL required standards.
  • HAZARDS TO ANIMALS: Keep out of reach of children.


    Do the Feliway diffuser refills fit other brands of diffuser systems? No. The Feliway refills should never be used with another brand of a diffuser device. The pheromone technology is designed to work at a certain temperature that is specific to Feliway diffusers.

    What pheromone is in Feliway? The pheromone released by Feliway is the synthetic copy of the natural comforting pheromone released from the mother cat's mammary area during the nursing period. This appeasing pheromone helps maintain the bond between the kittens and their mother and helps kittens feel safe and secure. The scientific team at Ceva has found that this pheromone can help reduce tension and conflict between cats in the home.

    Can I use Feliway with a young kitten? Yes. There is no minimum age for using Feliway pheromones. Kittens are able to perceive pheromones in the environment and respond accordingly.

    How long should I use Feliway? It depends on the nature and the extent of the reason you are using the product. The minimum recommended duration for most situations is 1 month. But some situations may benefit from permanent use.

    What type of behavior problems may not be helped by Feliway? Feliway has been tested in households where there is tension and conflict between cats. Feliway has not been tested for aggression toward the owner(s). In this situation, consulting your veterinarian or a behaviorist is strongly recommended.

    Should I unplug Feliway diffuser at night? No -- the diffuser should be plugged in continuously day and night. Frequent unplugging may prevent the diffuser from working properly. Efficacy was demonstrated in clinical trials with non-interrupted use of the diffuser allowing the cat to constantly perceive the pheromone's signal. Furthermore, cats are awake and active even at nocturnal times.

    Can I use the diffuser in a room with air-conditioning? Yes, a diffuser can be used in a house (or a vet clinic) where there is an air-conditioner, provided that it is not plugged in near the air-conditioner, vents, cold air returns, or exhaust fans. Being near additional air-flow may accelerate the diffusion process and the refill vial may not last a full 30 days.

    How can I tell if my diffuser is turned on or working? When the diffuser is plugged into a working outlet, the diffuser head will be warm to the touch.

    Can I use the diffuser while leaving the windows open, particularly in the summer? Will that affect the efficacy? Usage with open windows or heavy air flow may result in diffusion at a faster rate. The product may not last the full expected 30 days. In such a case, a different diffuser location should be considered within the house, targeting the area where the cat(s) spends most of its time.

    Customer Reviews

    Review Summary
    21 Reviews
    86% (18)
    10% (2)
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    38% Recommend this product (8 of 21 responses)
    By Jody
    Layton, Utah
    My Cat is Worth the Investment
    January 12, 2017
    My cat was curious and would sit near the diffuser in her favorite room. It appears to be helping. No cat accidents outside the litter box since we posted 6 diffusers about the house. Online ordering and free home delivery are convenient. Of course it is expensive, but the savings over store prices is huge, and this means we can keep our cat!
    No scent, no mess Size of diffuser makes it difficult to use the second outlet for other purposes.
    By Peggy R.
    Cloudcroft, Nm
    great product
    April 28, 2016
    I have 4 cats and 1 one of them just would not stop spraying. The vet cleared her of any urinary problems. I tried a variety of different types of litter. I have 5 clean litter boxes for her to use. All to no avail. My cousin recommended Feliway. Normally I would not have trusted the product hype. But since the recommendation came from a trusted source, I gave it a chance. I am so glad I did! The cat has stopped spraying and is now so much more lovable. I had not noticed how much she stayed to herself until I found her in my lap every time I sat down. I had tried everything I could think of and it was such an easy fix. The whole family is happy about the change.
    By Linda
    Elkhorn, NE
    Makes for a Happy Home
    April 7, 2016
    I started using Feliway when I brought a 2nd rescue cat home. Momma Gracie had the house to herself for 6 years and was not happy when I brought tortie Snickerdoodle home. Feliway did the trick to calm things down and keep my home free of messes!
    By Cheryl
    New Hampshire
    Great to be able to buy Feliway in large quantities.
    January 21, 2016
    Feliway plugins have kept my female Maine Coon relaxed and calm, which in turn makes her use her litter box appropriately.
    By Valeerie
    Chicago, IL
    A must if you have multiple cats
    September 26, 2015
    Keeps my cats, house, me very calm. Would not be without it. Order the 6 pack evrytime, so you do not run out.
    "Healthy Pets" is my new go to for this product. They are reasonalbly priced, and delivered as they said they would. I am very happy to have found them.
    By Elizabeth E.
    April 17, 2015
    perfect for the kitties - always have this plugged in, a true believer
    By Dash
    Unexpected benefits
    May 13, 2014
    I got this product because of a problem with dueling Alplha cats and their spray of displeasure, if you take my meaning. It did help greatly, but this was not the biggest benefit. I have another cat who has suffered for several years with feline rodent ulcers so I had to keep taking her into the vet for shots to help. But the ulcers were returning more and more rapidly. After using Feliway for a month, I noticed her ulcer was markedly reduced in size. Still, I expected come late spring when everything is blooming and allergies are everywhere, I would have to take her back for a shot.
    Not so. My kitty's ulcer went away completely after 2 months of using Feliway and has not returned after a 3rd month. Even if the dueling Alphas made peace, I'd keep using Feliway. Obviously, stress was a major cause of my kitty's rodent ulcer and Feliway takes a lot of the sense of stress away.
    I told my vet about this success and he is recommending Feliway to the pet parents of other kittys who suffer with rodent ulcer.
    Reduced spray behavior of males. Calmed my whole cat population, including the ferals who meander in my cat door at night. Eliminated rodent ulcer on my tortie. That it only comes in size for one month.
    By Donna
    Oriskany, NY
    multiple cat household dilemma
    December 2, 2012
    I recently added a barn kitty to my household "herd" of 10 and the results were not pretty....the barn kitty was thrilled to be inside but some of the others weren't very happy about it and spraying/peeing resulted. I was cleaning 4-5 pee places per day and was slowly losing my mind until I purchased feliway diffusers AND the spray bottles too. I diligently apply the spray as directed to each place they would spray and replace the plug-ins as needed. THIS IS A MIRACLE!!! Now if I have to clean 1-2 places PER WEEK it is unusual. I was truly a skeptic but it works.
    By Marjorie H.
    It works!
    May 16, 2012
    I would never have believed this if I had not tried it myself. This not only has kept my male cat Grayson from pee-tickling where he shouldn\'t but has had a calmng effect on him. I am VERY pleased with this product and have recommended it to friends. Thanks!
    By Sadie
    Neurotic Cat
    December 6, 2011
    This product saved my cats life. She was getting uriinary tract infections from being stressed and scared and would not go in the cat box. The first day I used it, it worked! I have 3 diffusers. She is calm and back to her old self.
    By James
    Immediately stopped urine marking
    November 8, 2011
    My 20 pound male tabby used to spray all over the apartment when I moved him in with my girlfriend\'s cat. He was fixed and had never sprayed before, but he had never lived with another cat before either. I would have had to surrender him if I hadn\'t found Feliway diffusers. He stopped spraying immediately and hasn\'t done it since.
    By Catlijk
    Happier Kitties
    August 2, 2011
    We took in a kitten when my granddaughter was a baby. These two slept together and grew together. When my granddaughter went to live with her father at 4 yrs old, this kitty went into mourning though we didn\'t realize it at the time. He became fat and developed a very bad attitude toward everyone and the other cats. When \'his\' girl returned two years later, we all immediately saw the change in this cat and realized what the problem had been. I use Feliway diffuser ALL the time now. It has made ALL 5 of my cats happier, less jumpy and they all get along now. Of course I want happy cats and this is a very small price to pay for their well being.
    By Debbie
    Great Product!!
    July 14, 2011
    My cat is a stressful girl by nature. When she started the habit of licking one area to the point that it was sopping wet all the time, the vet agreed it was a result of her stressful nature. I decided to try this product and in two weeks my little kitty has stopped the licking and seems alot less stressful. She\'s happier and so am I.
    By julie
    January 6, 2011
    My cat had stopped urinating in her litter box. she would \'poop \" in there, then urinate on a puppy pad. Although I was glad she was using the pads , it was driving me crazy. with in a week of using feliway, she was back to using her box!!! thank you feliway.
    By Brian
    Worked for me
    October 18, 2010
    I have six cats (3M, 3F) and recently it helped stop one of my (neutered) males from scent marking, which he started when he looked out the window and saw a stray hanging around my house outside. It seems to work well although it needs refills about every 20-25 days, not a full month. It believe it does calm everyone as well.
    By Dora
    Scaredy Cat No more
    June 26, 2010
    I had just rescued an abandoned 2 year old cat and two weeks later I brought home an eight year old surrenderd poodle whose previous owner had died. Don\'t know what I was thinking as the cat ran under the bed. The Feliway got her out of the bedroom and into the living room with the rest of the family.
    By Missy
    No more surprises
    March 4, 2010
    Stopped our neutered male cat from spraying urine in the house, only behavior change we noticed but believe me it was enough. That was the reason we tried Feliway and it worked :)
    By Lois
    Only lasts 3 weeks
    December 11, 2009
    I bought this product a year or so ago and don\'t know if it helped with new cat integration or not. But do know, despite location and fairly high humidity it didn\'t last the 4 weeks they claim. But I decided to try a new diffuser and more refills for a new integrating rescued cat recently. I\'ve used 6 refills in two different locations, not near heating sources, in 40%-50% humidity and cool temps. They all only make it to 3 weeks! Too expensive for not knowing whether it helped calm multi cats or not!
    By debra
    just great !!!
    October 4, 2009
    I have five cats 1 female 4males all fixed. they where peeing all over the house. followed dirctions on spary and diffuser. this product works cut problem down 90%. will keep on useing these products THANK-YOU FELIWAY!!!!
    By kathytmo
    May 1, 2009
    Feliway was initially recommended form my vet as we were having anxiety and potty problems. I have found that it has been extremely helpful.
    By janine
    February 26, 2009
    My cat was 2nd to be brought into the house. She felt threatened by the other cat and started peeing everywhere. This is the only thing that stopped her. Calms them down, makes them happy naturally. Takes a week or so to permeate completely but its great stuff!

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