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If you want to properly house train your feline pets, using Feliway diffuser can be a good start. This is because it can create a natural way to calm your pet cats and reduce their anxiety levels while being introduced to a new environment. Using Feliway diffuser can also help minimize or altogether prevent the show of unwanted behavior like urine marking or scratching walls and other surfaces to mark their territory. This can be obtained online from authorized Feliway distributors and retailers and at a good price too.

Basically, a Feliway diffuser emits a vapor that contains a reproduced copy of feline pheromone used for scent marking. For humans, this may seem odorless and are virtually harmless but for felines, the scent can have a significant calming effect for them. The Feliway diffuser can be installed in any wall based sockets and will produce a column of temperate air that in turn will bring the scent of the pheromone all throughout the common area where the cat usually goes. A single cartridge can last up to a month before needing a refill making it more economical and pet wise.

Normally when the cat is feeling safe with its surroundings, it will usually rub its face or muzzle on the objects they can into contact with such as sofas, tables, doors, and even the legs of their owners. Every time cats perform this action, they leave traces of pheromones onto the surface which was transferred from their faces. In general, these marks convey a sense of security and well-being because the smell is related to their familiar surroundings. But on the other hand, changes in the environment can result a sudden experiencing of undue stress or anxiety resulting to unwanted behaviors. This can also result to sudden loss of appetite and urine marking. And while urine marking is a natural phenomenon among cats and other animals like dogs, this can also manifest only when they are introduced in a stressful environment resulting to fear and unpredictable behavior. So in order to mimic this particular scent, using Feliway diffuser is recommended.

Using a spray in conjunction with the Feliway diffuser can also further reinforce its effects particularly when the cat is about to travel inside a carry basket. The carrier can be sprayed at least fifteen minutes before putting in the cat inside can help calm the feline during transport. The familiar scent of pheromone can help reduce or totally remove stress and provide a calming effect for anxious pet cats not used to travelling. When the cat thinks that he or she is in familiar territory, it can help them settle in more quickly and avoid manifesting unwanted behaviors.

Ever since a Feliway diffuser has been introduced in the market and widely recommended by vets, this has been very popular among cat owners. It certainly helps in calming nervous cats and makes it a lot easier for cat owners to house train their feline pets.