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Happy Fathers Day!

Fathers's Day - Man's Best Friend Sale

When you think of your father this upcoming Father's Day, spare a few seconds on man's best friend as well. Dogs provide the greatest company of all with their undying love for you and the cheerful personality they provide. Power tools and dog bones make a lovely combination.

Cars Cars Cars!
Men love their cars and your dad probably isn't any different. Give your dad gifts that make taking the dog out for a drive that much easier. The Solvit Bifold Pet Ramp will make getting in and out of taller vehicles easier while a harness will keep your precious pet safe.
Braving the Great Outdoors

Nature is a great place for man and man's best friend to wander and breathe in fresh air. With products like these, your dad and his dog will be prepared for anything.

Power Tools

Every man has a need for his power tools and toolbox. If dog's had thumbs, we would be selling power tools for dogs - but they don't. In the meantime, you'll have to suffice with these motorized gadgets sure to keep you and your dad busy for hours.

Manly Snacks

You won't want your dad to be eating these snacks. As tempting as some of these rawhide and beef jerky treats look - they're better suited to the palate of a dog.

Gift Packs
If you still don't know what to get your dad and his dog, prepare to be relieved as we have the perfect suggestion - gift packs! These affordable and variety emphasized gift packs contain the basic necessities for all purposes.
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