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Farnam Vetrolin Green Spot Out 16oz

Item: IWM054452
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Farnam Green Spot Out Spray-on Dry Clean Horse Shampoo. This spray-on, dry shampoo is perfect for cold weather or when there's no time for bathing your best buddy. Simply spray it on, massage it in, and wipe with a damp towel until the stain is removed. Finish off with a dry towel and brush to bring out that show-stopping, glossy shine. There's no rinsing required, which makes it fast and easy. This special shampoo is sure to leave your hoofed buddy looking clean and fresh between baths!

  • Removes urine and manure stains quickly and easily so you can get back to riding!
  • Also helps remove wet and dry sweat stains on your hoofed friend's coat.
  • Excellent spot cleaner for light-colored coats.
  • Brush out for a high-gloss, show-stopping shine!
  • No rinsing required, so it's perfect for cold days or when you are short on time.

Useful Information

Spray a small amount directly on the spot. Massage it in and wipe off using a damp towel. Repeat, working in small areas, until stain is removed and entire area is clean. Finish off with a dry towel and brush to bring out shine.

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