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Farnam Nature's Defense Water-Based Fly Repellent Spray, 32oz

Item: IWM052761
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Farnam Nature's Defense Horse Repellent Spray offers a fresh alternative for pest control. This unique formula combines citronella, clove, mint and thyme oil to control against horn, stable, house, horse and deer flies, plus mosquitoes and gnats. This formula is alcohol-free and doesn't contain any preservatives, additives or artificial colors, so it's perfect for horses with sensitive skin. You and your four-legged friend can feel good about making this natural product part of your insect control routine.

  • Works to repel horn, stable, house, horse and deer flies, plus mosquitoes and gnats.
  • This natural formula is a great alternative to chemical sprays.
  • Designed with citronella, clove, mint and thyme oil for a simple but effective repellent.
  • Made without preservatives, additives or artificial colors.
  • Alcohol-free formula won't irritate and is gentle on sensitive skin.


Citronella Oil, Clove Oil, Mint Oil, Thyme Oil, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Glycerine, Water.

Useful Information

Wipe On: Remove excess dust and dirt by brushing or, if necessary, shampoo, rinse, and dry horse before applying. Dampen a sponge or soft, clean cloth with Nature's Defense and apply liberally over horse's legs, belly, neck and facial areas. Avoid contact with horse's eyes and mucous membranes. Repeat application daily or as often as needed.

Spray On: Brush horse thoroughly to remove excess dust and dirt. Spray a light mist on coat while brushing lightly against the lay of the hair. Do not spray in eyes or mucous membranes. Use a sponge or soft cloth to apply to the face and other sensitive areas.

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