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Eyenimal Miaow Cat Control Training Tool

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Eyenimal Miaow Cat Control Training Tool you don't more support to hear your cat to vocalize for hours during the day or night? The anti-meowing, Miaow Control, was specially developed to solve this problem. This anti-meow for cat emits ultrasounds in specific frequencies which disturb your cat and stop its inconvenient meowings. Thanks to this efficient anti-meowing solution for cat, you will find serenity.

Key Features:

  • Made to safely minimize your cat's constant meowing.
  • Includes an ultrasonic sound and LED light setting.
  • Designed to eventually prevent your cat from meowing at first glance of the tool.
  • Manually activate this easy-to-use tool.
  • Purr-fect for encouraging a more quiet and peaceful home.


  • Specific frequencies of ultrasounds adapted to cats
  • Easy to use ( only 2 buttons)

Useful Information

Operation of the meow control product

When your cat vocalizes, press the "ultrasound" button of Miaow Control pointing it in your cat's direction. The range of the ultrasounds emitted by the anti-meow for cat is approximately 19,69 ft. For more efficiency, couple the emission of ultrasounds with flashing light. The ultrasounds conjugated to the flashing light will disturb your cat and will stop his excessive meowings.

Reliability and efficiency of the meow control solution

  • Ultrasounds range: approximately 19,69 ft
  • Guarantee: 2 years

Specifications of the EYENIMAL Miaow Control

  • Power: 1 alkaline 9-V 6LR61 battery (not supplied)
  • Weight: 107 g

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