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The Kentucky Derby 135

Of all sporting events, horse racing has the best odds for finding the most creative names for equines. 2009's Kentucky Derby winner was "Mine That Bird" catchy name isn't it? The 135th Kentucky Derby was witnessed by 159,000 people where it was held at Churchill Downs. Although the population of equine owners is not likely at the same magnitude as dog or cat owners per se, equines are just as loveable. Treat your horse to some of the best equine products we have to offer at HealthyPets.

Thoroughbred horses need the best nutritional supplements available. You can give your equine the joint support he or she needs and deserves with something like Joint Max or Cosequin Equine.

Joint Max Triple Strength EQ Granules for Horses Cosequin Equine GLC 5500 Powder Synovi for Equine

Equines look magnificent when their coat and hair are properly maintained. The FURminator can help reduce shedding and the Calm Coat Equine Pack ensures a healthy and shiny coat.

FURminator DeShedding Equine Tool Vitality Equine Medicated Shampoo Calm Coat Equine Pack MiniMax Trimmer

Roaming the great outdoors is needed for optimal equine health, except when pests tag along. Keep the flies off with Ectomethrin and the fleas away with Freedom 45 Spot-On.

Mosquito Halt Ectomethrin H2O Equine Fly Spray Freedom 45 Spot-On for Horses QuickBayt Disposable Fly Bait Strip

A healthy horse is a happy horse it's as simple as that. Equines can act abnormally due to health conditions like stomach ulcers, something that Ulcergard can take care of. Keep the worms at bay with Strongid C.

UlcerGard Strongid C 1.06% Thrush XX Treatment Aid Aerosol NaturVet Garlic Powder

Has your horse lost a step lately? Missing Link can change that. Relieve itching and soothe scratching with Sedocura Horses your horse will thank you later.

The Missing Link Gallpoing Gourmet Elite Horse Treats Sedocura Horses Absorbine Vet Liniment

For more equine products, visit our Top Equine Products section.

Coupon Code: $10 off any purchase of $95 or more on equine products. Use coupon code EQ10 at checkout.
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