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EcoPure Natural Odor & Spot Remover (16 oz)
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EcoPure Natural Odor & Spot Remover (16 oz)

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This item has been DISCONTINUED. We recommend trying URINASE Odor & Stain Eliminator

EcoPure Natural Odor & Spot Remover
We live in a chemical world. Over 80,000 new chemicals have been created in the last 50 years. By using earth-friendly, non-toxic, natural enzymatic cleaning products, we are protecting the earth and our pets. Most commercial cleaning products contain harmful substances such as heavy solvents and butyls. Our bodies (and our pet's bodies) absorb these chemicals through direct contact or inhalation. EcoPure Naturals is conscious of what we use around on our bodies and those of our children and pets.

Biodegradable, nonpathogenic Natural Odor & Spot Remover is safe, effective and natural, without harmful bleaches or acids. Natural Odor & Spot Remover breaks down and removes the sources of odor and soiling through the action of natural enzymes. Enzymes are activated in the presence of moisture and organic material such as those found in pet waste (urine and fecal waste).

Contains natural enzymes to remove odors and messes.

Prevents organic materials from releasing odors, providing immediate odor relief on contact for carpets and hard surfaces.

Tough on urine, vomit and pet accidents.

Directions for Use: After removing excess waste material (e.g. pet solid or liquid waste) spray ecoPure Natural Odor and Spot Remover on the soiled area. If the soiled area is a carpet, test Natural Odor & Spot Remover in an area of the carpet not normally visible to assure that there are no fading of colors.

Ingredients: Water, natural enzymes, natural scent

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