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If your pet dog or cat is starting to show signs associated to kidney troubles, your vet may recommend you to use Epakitin in order to postpone the growing progress of the diseases. And although this is one type of medication that may sound to be like it is for some serious form of ailment, it can actually do a lot of good for the well being of either your pet dog or cat.

Basically, Epakitin is not your traditional prescription medication. This is classified as a nutritional supplement making it a lot easier to buy from your local pharmacy or online retailers of various pet medications and diet supplements. But before you take on the task of buying an Epakitin to treat your pet dog or cat, you may want to find out more about this nutritional supplement and how it can prevent the rapid progress of any kidney related diseases to your pet. This nutritional supplement is grainy and coarse derived for the most part from crab shells and shrimps. The active ingredient used on this supplement is basically a phosphate binder. A lot of pet owners are inclined on using this nutritional supplement for several reasons. For starters, once the kidneys of your pets begin to decline its overall functions, it will be unable to process natural phosphates which will later on build up and clog the bloodstream with unwanted toxins. These toxins are considered to be injurious to the well being of any pet animals particularly cats and dogs. These phosphates also speed up the deterioration of the kidneys which eventually hastens the process of decline and general malfunction of these vital organs.

So by coercing these phosphates to bind together and the toxins flushed out of the system, the Epakitin significantly slows down the degeneration process due to the kidney disorder. It helps put on hold the renal failure which is bound to happen sooner or later. While some pet owners are worried about using this treatment for fear of exacerbating the conditions of their pets, the truth is that this nutritional supplement has no known adverse side effects that can negatively affect the condition of your pet. Without a doubt, this supplement is among the safest and highly effective supplement for cats and dogs with known kidney conditions because they do not have any aluminum substance that can pose great danger for pets with signs of kidney problems.

And since all authentic Epakitin are derived from sea food, there will be no problems having your pets take their medications. The granule form can be easily sprinkled on the pet food but make sure that there will be an ample supply of water for your pet to access because it is very important for cats and dogs who have kidney problems. And by understanding all there is to know about this type of nutritional supplement, you know exactly what to do once your pet dog or cat starts showing signs about the presence of a kidney problem.