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UlcerGard Horse Digestive

Gastric ulcers, sometimes known as Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS), are common in horses.

They occur when there is a buildup of acid in the stomach that irritates the stomach lining. These ulcers can develop for a number of reasons, including stress, certain medications, changes in exercise, the type of feed a horse eats or problems with stomach acid. Typical symptoms of this condition are diarrhea, changes in eating behavior, frequent colic, a dull coat and changes in temperament. Veterinarians often use medications, such as proton pump inhibitors, to decrease the amount of acid produced in the stomach. Products like UlcerGard for horses can help prevent ulcers or EGUS from developing.

UlcerGard contains omeprazole, which is a type of proton pump inhibitor. Omeprazole works by lowering the amount of stomach acid, which decreases the risk of gastric ulcers and EGUS. Horses with higher risk factors, such as those that are prone to stress, can benefit from taking this supplement. UlcerGard comes in the form of a cinnamon-flavored oral paste that is given to horses with a syringe once a day. The cinnamon flavoring makes the product more palatable and helps ensure that it is fully ingested. Horses between 600 and 1,200 pounds should be given 1/4 tube daily, while horses over 1,200 pounds should be given 1/2 tube daily.

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