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Easy Brush Chew-It-Yourself Toothbrush

It's easier when your dog brushes his or her own teeth!

The Chew-It-Yourself Toothbrush for Dogs! On one end of the Easy Brush squeeze a dab of dog toothpaste onto the bristles on both sides and press the paste deep down and clean to the gum line. Give to your dog with the toothpaste treated end first and let them chew away plaque and tarter. The real bristles clean down to the gums and the paste freshens the breath. Take away after 2 minutes, rinse and dry or place in dishwasher to clean after every use. Use every other day for best results.

  • Removes plaque and debris
  • Fights tartar build-up
  • Freshens breath
  • Dishwasher safe