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The Importance of Ear and Eye Care for Pets

Cleaning your dogs or cats ears and eyes doesn't have to be a chore. There are many products on the market designed to keep your pets' ears and eyes clean. When taking your pet to the veterinarian it is important to have their eyes checked for ailments that may bother them. Your dog or cat should be checked for the following conditions among others: cataracts, red eye, glaucoma and tumors of the eye. Proper care of the eye area can avoid common ailments such as red eyes, cherry eyes, dry eyes and ocular (eye) discharge.

A problem that pet owners are often unaware of is seasonal allergies. Allergies in dogs and cats should be checked by a veterinarian as they may be the cause of an eye problem.

However, when caring for your pet it isn't enough to just check for eye problems it's also important to check for possible ear ailments. Many pets' suffer from ear problems pet including: ear mites, ear tissue infection, floppy ear (in dogs) and chronic ear infections due to a lack of care. The use of ear products can help to remove tissue while deodorizing and providing an ideal environment. Below is a list of the top products every owner should have to keep their pets' ears and eyes feeling healthy, happy and problem free!


Ear ointments and solutions are the perfect way to help your dog or cats' ears stay clean and healthy. There are a variety of effective and safe ointments/ creams/ cleansers to choose from.

Zymox is one of the top products for dogs. The solution is used to treat acute and chronic inflammation of the internal ear canal. Zymox comes in a variety of forms including Zymox with Hydrocortisone, medicated rinse, creams, wipes and more. Zymox is 100% safe to use and is the number one recommend brand among users.
Otiderm Ear Cleanser by Pet Health Solutions is a unique formula made to gently clean and deodorize ears. Otiderm can also be used to dry and acidify the ear canal providing an ideal environment. What's great about the product is that it can be used to help massage the ear and is safe enough to use for weekly maintenance.
Epi-Otic Ear Cleanser by Virbac is a mild, alcohol- free solution used to remove debris and dead tissue in ears. The solution is safe enough to use on dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. The mild formula is gentle enough to use for routine care.

For pets with severe otitis and externa pet owners should use Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleanser. Epi-Otic Advanced Cleanser is non-irritating ear cleanser that is formulated with anti-adhesive properties to prevent microbial attachment. What sets this ear cleanser apart from other is the unique odor eliminating technology. Epi-Otic Advanced will leave your dog or cat's ears feeling his or her best.

Vet Solutions Ear Cleanser is used to clean, dry, acidify and deodorize ears. The combination of Aloe Vera and other specially formulated ingredients means that this ear cleanser won't irritate your pets' ears. The cleanser is safe enough to use 2-3 times a week and should be applied after swimming.
DermaPet Malacetic Otic Ear Skin Cleanser is a hypo-allergenic solution that cleans, deodorizes and protects dogs and cats ears from swimmers ears and bacterial/ microbes. The all natural formula means contains no alcohol, dyes or pain-killers. DermaPet Malacetic Otic is the perfect alternative for pet owners looking for a natural remedy yet effective remedy.
Otomite Plus Ear Mite Treatment helps to eliminate ear mites without irritating ears. Otomite contains the highest levels of synergized pyrethrins and is safe to use on dogs and cats of all ages. The treatment is simple to use and should be applied after your pets' ears have been cleaned with a low pH ear cleanser.
Oti-Clens Ear Cleaning Solution for Dogs is a non-toxic cleanser for dogs. Oti-clens helps to eliminate ear wax that might obscure mites, weeds and other organic matter in the ear. The cleanser is perfect in the facilitation of routine ear examinations and otic health for dogs that tend to have chronic ear infections and entrapment of foreign matter.

When caring for your pets' eyes choose products that will address the ailment. There is huge variety of products that address general care, tear stains, tear lubricants, irritation and other problems. Choosing the right product will ensure that your pet is getting the proper attention.

Angels Eyes is the first product designed to remove tear stains from the inside out. Angels eyes is a supplement that can also be used to eliminate staining around the mouth and coats due to licking. Angels Eyes comes is safe for dogs and cats and comes in a palatable and easy to administer form.
Diamond Eye by Vitacoat is a unique tear stain remover that's perfect for dogs of all breeds. Diamond Eye is one of the most popular brands used by professional breeders and exhibitors throughout the world. Diamond Eye can be used by saturating a small cotton wool swab with the product and gently swabing the affected area using clean wool for each eye.
Pet Swabs Around the Eye Cleaner Swabs is an around the eye cleaner that safely and effectively removes discharge. Pet Swabs are easy to use and comes in 24 liquid filled swabs. Pet Swabs come in an convenient carrying pack and is safe for dogs and cats.
APEXA Artificial Tears is the newest form of artificial tear lubricants. Apexa is used to prevent irritation and dryness of the eye. Apexa is preservative free and is safe for dogs and cats.
John Paul Pet Ear and Eye Wipes is the perfect way to pamper your pet while helping them to look his or her best. John Paul Ear and Eye Wipes are scent and fragrance free so you know your pets' skin won't get irritated. The wipes are used to gently remove matter around your pets' ears and eyes. To use, gently wipe the outer edge of your dog or cats eyes and ears. For extra cleaning simply use another wipe.
Puralube Vet Ointment is an eye lubricant that is used to prevent irritation and provide relief from dryness in the eye. The ointment can also be used as a preventive of further irritation.
Sodium Chloride Ophthalmic Solution is used to temporarily relive corneal edema (swelling of the cornea). The solution contains 5% Sodium Chloride. To use, instill 1 to 2 drops in the affected eye(s) as needed.

When caring for your pet it's important that you care for your dogs or cats ears and eyes. If left unchecked your pet may develop problems that may require more care down the line. Helping to keep your pets ears happy and healthy it's

Be sure to check our Ear and Eye Product Page for additional products.

For more information on how to car for your pets ears and eyes check these additional resources:

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