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Take Your Dog to Work Day

Friday June 24th is National Bring Your Dog to Work day! It was first started in 1996 and celebrates the joy, love, and companionship that our dogs bring to our lives. It is also a day to raise awareness of pet adoption from humane societies and animal shelters. The concept is that introducing your four-legged "best friend" to your dog-less co-workers will get them to see all the great benefits and happiness of having a dog

and could encourage them to adopt one of their own.
See the items below for ideas to help your pets be entertained, fed, and on their best behavior when they accompany you to your workplace. It'll be so much fun! It'll feel like you're just hanging out with your pal and a great way to end the work week and begin the weekend.

Your dog is a sweetheart at home, but just in case they get overly excited or anxious in a new environment, here are some calming solutions:

Try these solutions to keep your pet hydrated all day long:

These kennels are the perfect way to transport your dog or keep him or her from running around:

Keep your pet close by while at the office with these leashes:

Keep your dog entertained and reward them for being good with a treat: