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Dogtra YS300 No Bark Collars

Item: YS300
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When you want to stop unwanted barking, you need the the Dogtra YS 300 no bark collar. It is made for dogs ten pounds and over and comes with six adjustable stimulation levels. The vibration mode allows you to warn your dog prior to correcting behavior with stimulation. This model has a bark recognition feature that can distinguish your dog's bark with other sounds. It has an anti-microbial collar, stainless steel contact points and an LED battery life indicator.

Key Features:

  • Designed for dogs over as 10 pounds
  • 6 adjustable stimulation levels
  • Vibration feature
  • Li-Polymer quick charge battery (2 hour charge time)
  • Bark recognition distinguishes your dog's bark from surrounding sounds
  • Waterproof design
  • LED battery life indicator

What's in the Dogtra Y3600 Box:

  • No-Bark Receiver
  • 28" Black Collar Strap
  • ?" Contact Points
  • Lithium-Polymer Batteries
  • Universal Charger (110v/ 220v/ 240v)
  • YS 300 Owner's Manual

Useful Information

View Dogtra YS300 Owner's Manual.

Safety Precautions:

Your dogtra "No Bark Collar" is a valuable training aid when used correctly.

The dogtra No Bark Collar uses Surgical Stainless Steel contact points and anti-microbial plastic to protect the dog's skin. Please observe your dog's neck everyday because it may rub as the dog moves, causing irritation if the collar is too loose.

To prevent skin irritation, the collar should not be worn more than 8-hours at a time.

Also, it is best to move the location of the contact points every few hours. To do this, take the collar off and then put it back on so that the contact points are in a different location on the neck.

If skin irritation is found, wash the area and rinse with hydrogen peroxide. Apply an antibiotic ointment.

Temporarily discontinue using the collar untilthe skin has healed.

Proper collar strap tightness is extremely important. If the collar is too loose, it will not function properly and it may rub as the dog moves, causing irritation.

Dogtra No Bark Collars are intended for thesole purpose of preventing the dog from barking.

Do not attempt to test dogtra No Bark Collars on humans or other animals.

Dogs should be in good health during thiscollar training.

Dogtra No Bark Collars are not intended for use on dogs weighing less than 10 pounds or less than 6 months of age. If you have any concerns, please consult with your trainer.

ON-OFF & Intensity Dial

The ON-OFF & Intensity Dial on the collaris used to turn the "dogtra ys300 " on and off, to select the intensity level, and to test the dogtra ys300.

Set the ON-OFF & Intensity Dial on the "OFF" position to turn off the "dogtra ys300"

Level P (non-stimulation) causes the collar to only vibrate. Level 2 is lowest electrical stimulation and Level 7 is the highest. From Level 2 to Level 7, a vibration is followed by stimulation.

Set the ON-OFF & Intensity Dial on TEST position as shown above to test the dogtra ys300 (See "Testing The No Bark Collar".)

ON-OFF & Intensity Dial Function
P Vibration only (non-stimulation)
2-7 Stimulation follows a vibration

NOTICE: When first using the "dogtra ys300", it is recommended that you start with the lowest level. If the dog continues to bark, gradually increase the intensity level.

Indicator Light (LED window)

The indicator light (LED Window) will flash 1 second when the dogtra YS300 has been turned on. Then after 2 seconds, it will flash every 2 seconds. If the dog does not bark over 10 seconds, it will turn tothe Sleep mode to save battery life and the LED will turn off.

Before going into Sleep mode, the LED light flashes green when the battery is fully charged and turns to amber when the battery life is getting low. When the LED indicator emits a blinking red light, the battery needs to be recharged.

Battery Life/LED Window Fully Charged Medium Charge Needs Charge
On Working Flashes Green Flashes Amber Flashes Red
On Charging Stays on Green Stays on Red Stays on Red

Contact Points

Dogtra ys300 uses Surgical Stainless Steel contact points to protect the dog's skin. The length of the contact points should be well-fitted so that the contact points are held firmly against the dog's skin.

Important: Avoid touching the Contact points unless the No Bark Collar is completelydischarged, or you may feel the electrical stimulation your self.

Plastic Dumm Contact Points

If your dog is trained enough, you can replace the Contact Points with the Plastic Contact Points included in the package. By doing so, it will allowyou to keep the collar on your dog for a longer period of time with less irritation on the skin. You may also use the Pager mode as a useful tool incorrecting your dog without the stimulation, however, only leave the collar on for 8-hours at atime if the stainless steel contact points are still being utilized.

Collar Strap Adjust

The collar strap of the dogtra YS300 can be adjusted 3 steps as shown in the diagram above.

To adjust the collar strap, first unscrew the contact points and put screws in desired holes, then tighten the contact points as shown below.

Testing Your No Bark Collar

  1. Turn the dogtra YS300 on by turning the ON-OFF & Intensity Dial and select "TEST" Levelso that the arrow on the dial is aligned with the "test" line.

    The LED indicator light will flash 1 second to indicate that it is on, after 2 seconds it will flash every 2 seconds. If the dog does not bark over 10 seconds, it will turn to the Sleep mode tosave battery life and the LED will turn off.

  2. Test by scratching the rough surface of the test tool on the collar (as shown in the diagram) using a finger nail or pen. The collar will emit a vibration three times. Then repeat the same process if you want to try it again.

*When the No Bark Collar emits a vibration, a stimulation is not emitted at the same time.

*When you set the dial on the TEST Level, it may be sensitive enough that the No Bark Collar can be activated easily by a small soundor tap.

To Recharge The Battery

  1. Open the Battery Charging Receptacle & Rubber Plug on the No Bark Collar and connect the Lithium Polymer Charger to the battery-charging receptacle as shown in the diagram.
  2. Plug the Lithium Polymer Charger into an electrical power outlet of ordinary household voltage (110V).
  3. Li-Polymer Battery provides a 2-hour rapid charge.
  4. When the battery is recharging, the LED willstay on red. The LED light will become green when the battery is completely recharged.(The battery is fully charged with a 2-3 hour charge.)
Battery life/On Charging Charging Completely Recharged
Indicator Light (LED Window) Stays on red Stays on Green

NOTE: Only use the dogtra approved Lithium Polymer Battery Charger that is designed for dogtra YS300, or it could potentially damage the unit.

Fitting the Collar

The collar strap should be adjusted so that the contact points are held firmly against the dog's skin.

Fasten the collar enough to allow one or two fingers to fit between the collar strap and your dog's neck.

If the collar is too loose, electrical contact willbe inconsistent and your corrections will be inconsistent also.


Periodically wash the No Bark Collar with alcohol or detergent. Dry thoroughly after washing.


My dog keeps barking. Is the No Bark Collar working properly?

  • Check and see that dogtra No Bark Collar is turned on.
  • Tighten the collar strap and make sure the contact points are held firmly against the dog's skin.
  • Recharge the battery if it is discharged.
  • Increase the electric stimulation levels.
    • We advise you to start with the lowest level for the first time.
    • The dog can be startled at the electrical correction for the first time.
    • If you consider the intensity of stimulation too light, increase the level gradually.
    • In case of stubborn or aggressive dogs, you can increase the intensity level suddenly, and then give a low level back.
    • You have to be very careful in deciding the intensity level. The electrical contact can be inconsistent or it can give rise to negative influences on dogs, if you select the wrong intensity level.
  • For more information, contact the customer service center at 1-888-811-9111 (8:30am-4:00pm PST)

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