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Dogtra 280C E-Collar Remote Training System 1/2 Mile - 2 Dog

Item: 282C
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Dogtra 282C e-collar is the smallest, most compact receiver and collar on the market. The smaller design is optimal for smaller, mild mannered dogs ten pounds and up. The 282C is a low to medium stimulation system and offers all of the essential tools you need for basic command and field training your smaller dog. The 1-127 stimulation level gives you the ability to easily find the perfect setting for your dog's disposition and training needs. We also make the 280C, a 1-dog system for training two smaller dogs at once.

Key Features:

  • 2-Dog e-collar system
  • Low to Medium power stimulation
  • Designed for dogs over 10 pounds
  • mile line-of-sight range
  • 127 levels of static stimulation
  • High performance pager (Vibration)
  • Smaller receiver collar size
  • Rapid charge Lithium Polymer batteries (2 Hour charge time)
  • Fully waterproof design
  • LCD screen displays exact stimulation level
  • Also available in 1-dog unit - Dogtra 280C

What's in the Dogtra 282c Box:

  • Handheld Transmitter
  • Small Receiver
  • 28" Black Collar Strap
  • ?" Contact Points
  • Universal Charger (110v/ 220v/ 240v)
  • Splitter Cable
  • Metal Belt Clip
  • Lanyard
  • 280C Owner's Manual

Useful Information

View Dogtra YS200 Owner's Manual.

Product Safety and Health Statement

  1. The YS200 is intended to prevent the barking of dogs only. It is NOT intended for use on people or on animals other than dogs. Dogtra does not assume any liability for the improper use of the YS200.
  2. Leaving the YS200 in the same position on a dog's neck for over 8 hours at a time can cause skin irritation. Occasionally reposition the unit so the contact points are moved to a different location on the dog's neck. Dogtra is not responsible for skin irritation caused by the prolonged usage of the YS200.
  3. A proper fit is necessary for the YS200 to work optimally. Both contact points must be in contact with your dog's skin at all times for a consistent stimulation. A loose fitting collar can cause the contact points to rub against the skin and cause irritation.
  4. The YS200 is not intended for use on dogs less than 1 year old.
  5. Remove the YS200 before playing with your dog. The activity may cause your dog to bark, which could lead to the association of playing to the electrical stimulation.
  6. Closely monitor your dog's activity and stimulation output while using the YS200. When attaching or removing the YS200 from your dog's neck, make sure your dog is not barking and in a calm or stable condition.

How to Use the On/Off & Intensity Dial

The ON/OFF and Intensity Dial is used to turn the YS200 on and off, and to select the intensity level. Set the dial to OFF to turn off the YS200. Set the no bark collar to (1) for the lowest stimulation setting and (6) for the highest stimulation setting.

NOTICE: Start with the lowest level of stimulation and work your way up. An appropriate level is when your dog responds to the stimulation with a mild negative reaction, such as a jerking or tensing of the neck muscles.

Testing the YS200

  1. Turn the intensity dial to level 2 or 3.
  2. Use the cap end of a ballpoint pen and repeatedly tap between the contact points.
  3. The unit is working once the LED indicator blinks. Wait 2 seconds and tap again.
  4. The unit is in normal working condition when the LED indicator blinks again. The LED indicator will only blink when the unit is activated.

Replacing the Batteries

  • *Turn the unit off before attempting to replace the batteries.
  • Use a coin to unscrew the battery cover counterclockwise.
  • Insert two batteries with the plus sides facing out (both batteries must be facing the same direction).
  • Replace the battery cover by screwing it in clockwise. Be sure to place the batteries with the '+' sides facing up and out. To remove the batteries, remove the battery cover and tap the batteries on the palm of your hand.

Extended Contact Points

Extended contact points are available for purchase for dogs with long and/or thick coats. Both contact points must touch your dog's skin and may require longer contact points if your dog has a long and/or thick coat.

Fitting the YS200

It is important to have a proper fit for safe and consistent results.

  • Place the YS200 to the left or right of your dog's vocal cords.
  • Both contact points must touch your dog's skin to properly operate.
  • When properly fitted, you should be able to fit a finger or two snugly in between the contact points and your dog's skin.

Caution: Remove all other collars when using the YS200. Other collars or buckles may cause the YS200 to inadvertently activate.

Troubleshooting Guide

  1. My dog has skin irritation.
  2. This may be due to an improper fit or leaving the collar in the same location for an extended period of time. If your dog exhibits signs of skin irritation, consult with a veterinarian.

  3. My dog is not reacting to the YS200.
    • Check the LED indicator while testing the unit. If the LED indicator does not come on, the batteries may need to be replaced.
    • Tighten the collar strap around your dog's neck if it is too loose and make sure the contact points are held firmly against the dog's skin.
    • If your dog has a thick or long coat and you already have the extended contact points, you may need to trim the hair on your dog's neck so that both contact points are touching your dog's skin.
  4. I need to clean the YS200.
  5. To clean the YS200, make sure the battery cover is closed and fully sealed, and wipe down the unit with a damp cloth and some alcohol. Make sure the unit is completely dry before use.

Customer Q&A