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Dogtra iQ Vibe No Bark Collars Up to 10 lbs Dog

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Dogtra Company iQ VIBE No Bark Dog Collar is a special vibration-only no-bark collar. With three levels of vibration strength, this training collar activates through a sound recognition sensor and can provide vibration four times stronger than cell phone vibration. The sensor distinguishes your doggo’s bark from the surrounding noises to help eliminate unwanted barking. The rechargeable, compact receiver is also ergonomically designed with no contact points.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-Compact Receiver
  • 3-Level High Performance Pager
  • Fully Waterproof
  • 2-Hour Rapid Charged Batteries
  • Persistent Bark Indicator
  • Sound Recognition Sensor
  • Learning Vibration System
  • For Dogs as Small as 10 lbs

Useful Information

View Dogtra iQ Vibe Owner's Manual.

Training Methods

Dogtra products may be used with a variety of training methods. However, each dog may have a different reaction to training methods and to Dogtra products. Closely observe your dog when determining the right training method to use with your Dogtra product.

Aggressive Dogs

Do not use Dogtra products with aggressive dogs as such dogs may react adversely and cause injury to people or other dogs. Seek the assistance of a dog-training specialist or veterinarian when dealing with aggressive dogs.


Dogtra products are not toys. Adult supervision and close attention are necessary when Dogtra products are used by or near children.

Electrical Product

Your Dogtra product contains electrical components and batteries. Do not use or keep your product near heat or flammable sources. Such use or storage may damage your product and/or cause fire, explosion, injury, or property damage.

Medical Device Interference

Dogtra products contain electrical and magnetic components that emit low level electromagnetic waves and radio frequencies. These electromagnetic waves or radio frequencies may interfere with pacemakers, defibrillators, or other medical devices. Consult your physician or medical device maker before using your medical device with a Dogtra product. If you think that your Dogtra product is interfering with your pacemaker, defibrillator, or other medical device, stop using the Dogtra product.

Inadvertent Activation

The digital microprocessor offers thousands of unique codes to eliminate frequency match-up with other Dogtra e-collars.

Unauthorized Use

Your Dogtra product should be used only in a humane manner to train and educate your dog. Dogtra products are not intended for use in any other manner nor are they intended for use with other animals or with humans.


Your Dogtra product contains batteries. Take care when removing and installing batteries as your fingers may get caught. Dispose of batteries as provided by your local regulations. Do not disassemble, crush, heat, or otherwise alter the battery as it may cause fire, injury or property damage.

Turning the iQ Vibe ON/OFF

  1. On: Press the on/off button on the receiver until the LED illuminates green.
  2. Off: Press the on/off button on the receiver for 2 seconds until the LED illuminates red.

Testing the iQ Vibe

  1. Make sure the iQ VIBE is turned off.
  2. Hold the on/off button down for 4 seconds.
  3. Release the on/off button when the green LED light blinks rapidly.
  4. Blow into the Mic Sensor. The receiver will emit a High Performance Pager (HPP) vibration three times if operating correctly.

Operating Modes

  1. High Performance Pager (HPP) VibrationThe iQ VIBE

    has three High Performance Pager (HPP) vibration levels. With the iQ VIBE on, briefly press the on/off button to increase the level. When the iQ VIBE is turned off, the last level that the system was on will be saved. If the incorrect level is selected, you can press the on/off button to start over.

  2. Safety Time:

    The iQ VIBE has a preset delay of 4 seconds in between the vibrations even if the dog continuously barks. The reason for the delay is so that your dog figures out the implications of the corrections from barking.

  3. Sleep Mode:

    If there is no barking for 12 seconds or more, the system will go into sleep mode. There will not be any LED light during sleep mode. If the dog barks again, the LED light will turn back on.

LED Indicator

  1. Vibration: The LED will light up when a vibration occurs on the receiver.
  2. Battery: The LED color indicates the battery life level
    • Green = Full charge
    • Amber = Medium charge
    • Red = Needs charge
  3. Standby: The LED will blink every 4 seconds when the iQ VIBE is turned on. The number of flashes will indicate what level the receiver is set on.
    • LOW HPP LEVEL: LED blinks one time
    • MEDIUM HPP LEVEL: LED blinks two times
    • HIGH HPP LEVEL: LED blinks three times

Receiver Fitting

Proper Fit

The receiver should be fitted so that it has close contact with your dog's neck to ensure proper vibration. You should be able to fit two fingers underneath the collar strap. The best location is on either side of the dog's windpipe.

Improper Fit

A loose fit can allow the receiver to move around on the dog's neck, which may rub against the skin and cause irritation. If the receiver is too loose, the contact will not be consistent and cause the corrections to be inconsistent.


Leaving the receiver in the same location on the dog's neck for an extended period of time can cause skin irritation due to sensitivity. If the dog is to wear the receiver for long periods, occasionally reposition the receiver every few hours to a different location on the dog's neck and remove the receiver after eight hours of usage. Make sure you check for skin irritation each time you use the unit.

Finding The Right Level

Remember that you will need to adjust the setting (upward or downward) depending on your dog's temperament and threshold. Always start at the lowest level and work your way up. If you use the highest vibration level from the beginning, the dog may become used to that level and the system may not be effective.

Charging The Battery

The Dogtra iQ VIBE uses a lithium polymer battery. Recharge the unit if the indicator light is red or does not come on.

NOTE 1: Only use Dogtra-approved batteries, chargers, and accessories for your Dogtra system. This will prevent any damage that can be incurred from attempting to use a different charger.

NOTE 2: The unit has a partial charge when it leaves the Dogtra facility. Upon receipt of the system, be sure to give it a full 2-hour initial charge before the first use away from any flammable substances.

NOTE 3: When a charger is not in use, disconnect it from the power source. Fully charge the batteries if the unit is to be stored without use for a period of 3 months or more.

  1. Plug the charger into the receiver, as shown.
  2. Plug the charger into a 120 volt wall outlet or, if using the auto charger, plug into a cigarette lighter for lithium polymer batteries. All indicator lights should glow red when properly plugged in and the unit will automatically shut off during the charging process.
  3. The lithium polymer battery is fully charged within 2 hours. The lights will stay red during the charging process and turn green once the unit is fully charged.
  4. After charging the unit, cover the battery charging receptacle with the rubber plug on the receiver.


Basic Maintenance

Make sure the rubber charging cap is securely in place when the receiver is in use. After each training session, carefully inspect the unit for any missing parts or damage to the casing. Damaged or broken casing may affect the waterproof guarantee on the unit. After confirming that there is no damage to the casing, rinse the receiver and clean out any dirt or debris.

Storage Maintenance

The iQ VIBE should be fully charged before storing for extended periods. While in storage, the unit should be given a full charge once a month and before the first use. Store the units in room temperature. Do not keep the units exposed to extreme climates.


If the unit is malfunctioning, please refer to the “Troubleshooting Guide” before sending it to Dogtra for service. If you have any questions or concerns, you may email them to, or call customer service at (888) 811-9111.

Troubleshooting Guide

  1. How do I charge and maintain my product?
    • The iQ VIBE can be fully charged in 2-3 hours.
    • The LED will show red when charging and turn green when the charging is complete.
    • Depending on the frequency of usage, it is recommended to charge the system once every two weeks.
    • ake sure the charging pin is not damaged and there isno corrosion inside of the charging port. The charging port can be cleaned with a cotton swab and some water.
  2. My dog is not reacting to the system.
    • ake sure the receiver is turned on and the battery is in good condition.
    • Make sure the strap is not loose and is tight enough on the dog's neck.
    • The intensity level may be too low for your dog. Keep increasing the level until the dog responds.

Customer Q&A