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Dog Show 2010 Best in Show!

National Dog Show 2010
It's right after Thanksgiving and that means the results for the National Dog Show are in. This year's show did not disappoint!

The national Dog Show, held since 1933, is one of the few remaining and oldest benched dog shows in the US. The show attracted over 2,000 of the top show dogs from the country including over 150 different breeds.

This year's winner for ‘Best in Show' was a 3 year old underdog Irish setter named Clooney. Here are some more winners from this year's show!

Best in Show

Sporting Group

Hound Group

Herding Group

Toy Group

Working Group

Terrier Group

Your pet will be ready to take center stage with these show dog products. They will not only save you a trip to the groomer, but also have your dog ready for next year's show.

Pet Clippers
Grooming Clippers
Vitasoothe Shampoo
Conair Grooming

Omega Caps

Derm Tabs

Shed Pro
Shed Pro

Simply Wild Salmon Oil
Salmon Oil

Vita Tabs


CET Pet Toothpaste
CET Toothpaste


Congratulations to this year's winner Clooney! May the best dog win in 2011!
2010 National Dog Show Winner!
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