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Doggles - Goggles & Accessories for Dogs


are goggles for dogs! Doggles became the first and only company to produce protective eyewear for dogs. Their famous sunglasses can protect your dogs eyes from wind, UV light, dust and dirt. Doggles are cushioned around your pet's face, and adjustable and snug fitting. Their anti-fog lenses come in a variety of stylish tints that will have your pet looking good! The Doggles frames come in your choice of colors including pink, black and chrome.

With the success of their Doggles eyewear, the company has expanded to provide a variety of innovative and edgy pet products, most of which use recycled materials when possible. These include various dog and cat friendly toys and accessories like harnesses, back-packs, flotation jackets, coats, hats, boots and jewelry. There is even pet sunscreen for the furry friend who spends a lot of time outdoors.

For fun, fashion and practicality Doggles is a tremendous hit with pet owners and their pets.

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