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Dog Health Checklist

Below are our featured items for dogs. You will find everything you and your dog need to stay happy and healthy.

1. Collars and Leashes
Find the perfect collar and leash for your dog.

2. Carriers and Kennels
Get your dog a carrier or kennel to travel with style. You can also learn more about Traveling with Pets.

3. ID Tags
Keep your dog safe and secure with dog ID tags. Learn about other ways you can prevent the anxiety of a Lost Pet.

4. Cushions and Beds
Give your dog the comfort it deserves at home or on the road with our various cushions and beds.

1. Food Supplements
Give your hungry dog all the nutrition it needs.

2. Water and Food Bowls
Give your dog a water and food bowl that fits all of his or her feeding needs.

3. Vitamins
Provide your pet with the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients your pet needs to lead a healthy and extended life.

4. Arthritis and Joint
These supplements are used to treat various joint conditions including arthritis. They can improve joint health and some refer to them as "joint lubricants".
Learn more about arthritis in dogs.

5. Flea & Tick
Keep your dog free of biting pests this season. Learn more about Fleas.

1. Grooming
Help your dog look its best with our various grooming products. Learn more about Grooming Your Dog.

2. Shampoo
Keep your dog clean and its coat shiny with a dog shampoo.

3. Skin/Coat Supplements
Keep your dogs coat healthy with dog skin and coat supplements.

4. Dental
Dental care is crucial to our pets just as it is to us. Since our pets lack an apposable thumb, we must help them brush their teeth. Learn more about Pet Dental Care.

5. Eyes and Ears
Keep your dog's eyes and ears clean for the overall improvement of your dog's health.

6. Wipes
Keep your dog clean while on the road or when you're in a rush with a selection of pet wipes.

7. Stain and Odor Removers
Keep you and your dog's environment clean and safe with stain and odor removers.

FURminator deshedding tool 8. FURminator
FURminator is a specially designed pet grooming brush.

1. Treats
Reward your dog with a tasty treat to keep him happy.

2. Toys
Keep your dog entertained with various toys.

3. Loofas
Loofa Dog is a funky style pet toy that can be used as a retriever and a back scratcher.

4. Merrick Natural Treats
Merrick starts with the highest quality cattle, and a lot of imagination.

5. Otis & Claude Toys
Otis and Claude Toys keeps pets on their paws with the unique erratic bounces.


1. Wellness Kit for Dogs
Keep your pet healthy and prepared for a long, happy life with the NEW Wellness Kit for Dogs. Each kit includes 4 essential items that both your pet and your pockletbook will love!