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Pet Dental Care: Tips & Tricks

You need to brush your pet's teeth every day to prevent plaque buildup. Neglecting your pet's teeth not only means bad breath but also puts its health at risk. A buildup of plaque leads to tooth decay. If untreated, tooth decay can cause the tooth to fall out and pain. In severe cases, an infection can even spread from the tooth to other parts of your pet's body. Thankfully, there are plenty of products available that makes brushing and caring for your cat or dog's teeth a breeze.
Toothbrush and Toothpaste
Toothbrushes for cats and dogs, which are generally smaller than human toothbrushes, come in different sizes to accommodate different jaw sizes. Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles so that it doesn't hurt your pet's gums. Finger brushes fit over your finger so that it's easier to get to all of the teeth and reduces the risk of choking. Use toothpaste specifically made for dogs and cats. Do not use human toothpaste because they often contain chemicals that are toxic to dogs and cats.
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Start brushing your pet's teeth as soon as possible. Since most dogs and cats are reluctant at first, introduce it to teeth brushing in steps. You'll gain your pet's trust by going slowly. First, get it used to having your finger in its mouth. Dip your finger in some dog or cat food if you have to. Once it is used to opening and having something in its mouth, gently brush some of its teeth with a soft cloth. Eventually, it will let you brush all of its teeth with a toothbrush. Stick to a routine, such as brushing at a certain time of day and location, so your pet knows what to expect.
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Dental Treats and Toys
For days when your dog or cat just refuses to open its mouth for a good brushing, you can feed it a dental treat. Dental treats have enzymes added to them that help prevent and reduce plague. Dental toys are built with textures, grooves and holes that help clean teeth and massage gums while your pet chews on it. Some toys are infused with mint to combat bad breath.
BONIES C.E.T. Chews Kong Stuff-A-Ball
BONIES Dental Bones C.E.T. Chews Kong Stuff-A-Ball

Dental Cleaning
Besides regularly brushing your pet's teeth at home, bring it to the veterinarian for thorough dental cleanings. The American Animal Hospital Association recommends that small dogs and cats get a dental cleaning at least once a year after they turn one, or two for big dogs.

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