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Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus Granules (300 gm)

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Pala-Tech Cranberry Plus Granules is a natural dietary supplement for use in dogs and cats containing ingredients known to be beneficial for the animal's urinary tract and to help prevent infection of the urogenital system.

  • Choice of palatable dosage forms...chewable tablets or granules.
  • Higher dosage levels of benegicial ingredients.
  • Effective and affordable for long term use.
    • Natural dietary supplement formulated specifically for the maintenance and support of a healthy urinary tract in dogs and cats. Includes the following key ingredients:

    • Cranberry Extract:
      • Works by minimizing the bacterial colonization of the bladder mucosa.
      • Sourced from the American Cramberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon).
      • Contains "proanthocyanidins" ("PAC's") that work to stop pathogenic bacteria from attaching to the inner lining of the bladder wall, thus allowing thses bacteria to be flushed out in the urine.
    • Echinacea:
      • Helps to support the pet's bacterial resistance and boosts the animal's immune system.
    • Oregon Grape Root:
      • Contains the alkaloid berberine, known as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory compound. Beneficial and effective anti-oxidant.
    • Sodium Ascorbate: (Vitamin C)
      • Beneficial in boosting the pet's immune system to improve resistance to infection.
    Palatble dosage forms will simplify daily dosing
  • Flavored with a highly palatble, natural chicken liver flavor dogs and cats love to eat.
  • Improved dosing compliance generates better clinical results and improved client satisfaction.
  • Supported by Pala-Tech's 100% Palatability Acceptance fuarantee.
    • Choice of dosage forms for use in dogs and cats:
    • Palatable, chewable tablets
      • Tablets are bilaterally scored for accurate dosing.
      • Ingredients are evenly distributed throughout the tablet.
    • Palatable, flavored granules
      • Ideal dosage from for use in cats.


    Active Ingredients (per two 1-cc scoops):
    Cranverry Extract (from Vaccinium macrocarpon) 210mg
    Echinacea Purpuirea) 105mg
    Oregon Grape Root 34mg
    Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C) 34mg

    INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Lactose, Natural Chicken Flavor, Sucrose, Vegetable Oil and Whey.

    Useful Information

    Recommended Use: The following dosage schedule is recommended for daily administration. Consult with your veterinarian to determine the proper dosage and schedule for each individual animal prescribed this product:

    Weight of Pet Daily Preventive Dosage
    (Scoop Size=0.75 grams)
    Up to 11 lbs. ½ scoop/day
    12 to 23 lbs. 1 scoop/day
    24 to 45 lbs. 2 scoops/day
    46 to 75 lbs. 3 scoops/day
    70 to 90 lbs. 4 scoops/day

    The recommended dosage is 2 scoops (1.5 grams)/45 lbs. (20 kg) body weight daily. For best results during an UTI occurence, the daily dosage should be administered every 12 hours.

    Administration: A 1-cc precision dosing scoop is included to measure out the prescribed daily dose and administer over the pet's foog. Producy may be mixed with food to facilitate cmplete consumption. Pala-Tech™ Cranberry Plus Granules is formulated with a proprietary, highly palatable Chicken liver flavor to ensure all pets readuly consume supplement.

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