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Cosequin DS


If old age is starting to affect your dog's mobility

Cosequin DS for Dogs by Nutramax Laboratories can help improve their arthritis and joint condition symptoms. Cosequin for dogs combines glucosamine and chondroitin into a unique formula to help strengthen joints and increase cartilage production. Cosequin and Cosequin Double Strength (DS) are ideal for pets who have trouble climbing stairs, jumping, stretching, walking, or any other age related soreness.

This product is also great for giving to younger dogs to help extend their mobility throughout their lives. In fact, Cosequin is so great for joints that they even offer a dosage designed for humans that helps ease the affects of general aging on joints!

Cosequin's "double strength" formula is ideal for larger breeds or dogs over 25 pounds, while the standard formula works great for smaller sized pets. EntirelyPets offers a wide variety of tablet sizes, quantities, and number of tablets to help you ensure you always have the right amount on hand for your pet. This product is available in soft chews, chewable tablets, and capsules to meet your pet's needs. Try it today and learn why Cosequin dogs are happy dogs!