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Cosequin ASU

You may have hard about cosequin for cats, but have you ever considered cosequin ASU, the product that is geared towards horses? Through making a purchase on the Healthy Pets website, with priority shipping if you need the medication quite quickly, you can get substantial discounts and read reviews from likeminded horse owners who wanted to ensure that their beloved pet could stay healthier for longer.There are so many discounts for you to seize when you go on the Healthy Pets website. If you want some top tips to save money, the first one would be to buy when you aren't pressured for time. Normally, a standard delivery takes up to seven business days, but if you insist on the item being delivered with a speedy courier, it's likely that you'll be levied a premium on top. Next up, you need to ensure that you buy in bulk wherever possible.

If you know that your horse is going to need cosequin ASU for the foreseeable future, buy as much as you can to receive amazing discounts! The more purchased, the bigger the deduction you will receive. For professional stables that need to preserve their margins, this can be a Godsend.So: what is cosequin ASU for? In the main, one scoop is used daily to ensure that the joints of the horses in your yard remain fit and healthy. The added ASU to this medication, which represents a breakthrough in pet medication, has been proven to prevent the breakdown of cartilage in joints. If you want to ensure that your horse isn't in any pain and has a consistent quality of life, cosequin ASU is a vital investment to make.The brand-new ingredients which have been approved and added are a combination of avocado and soybean unsaponifiables - creating the acronym ASU. Experts also added that this combination of ingredients shouldn't be used on its own, and this is why it has been added to the cosequin formula for optimum performance.When administering cosequin ASU to your horse, you should ensure that the scoops you feed them are in relation to the horse's weight.

For the first two to four weeks when you begin the treatment, a horse that weighs less than 600 lbs is expected to have one scoop per day. On the other hand, if you have a large horse that weighs more than 1,200lbs, you need to triple the dosage and provide three scoops a day for the benefits to be felt. In some instances, where there is visible fatigue of the joints, you may choose to continue the treatment in definitely. After the first month of use, it is therefore recommended that you half the dosage. More information about this is provided in the label.Healthy Pets is here to help you and your horse remain happy and healthy. So: if you have any questions about the benefits of cosequin ASU, or if you want some top tips for getting the correct dosage, just get in touch by email or on the website's toll-free number.