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Copasure Bolus Goat

Copasure® Goat. is used to supplement for copper deficiency in goats. Inadequate copper levels may be due to insufficient copper in the diet (primary copper deficiency) or the adverse effects of molybdenum, iron and sulphir upon copper absorption (secondary copper deficiency). Signs of copper deficiency in goats can include a rough coat that is brittle around the tail, weight loss, lameness, anaemia, scouring bone fractures, poor reproductive health and even death.

  • Producers report that an adequate copper status in goats may create a hostile environment for Barber Pole worms (Haemonchus contortus).
  • Effective in both primary and secondary copper deficiency
  • Independently proven to be an effective way of supplementing copper, even in the presence of dietary antagonists, including molybdenum.
  • Easy to use - no injections, no abscesses and no pain or stress to the animal
  • Single application lasts approximately months (i.e. up to 6 times longer than copper injections)
  • Optimum, known amount of copper delivered to each goat and controlled, unlike other methods where greedy goats may take too much and others not enough
  • Good copper reserves in the mother at birthing, and in her milk, will ensure that her kids have sufficient copper reserve
  • Available in two strengths - 2g for kid goats over 25 lbs / 4g for goats 5-30 lbs.
  • Please note: It is not possible to cover the full range of deficiency states with a simple supplementation regimen. Veterinarians should adapt their advice on supplementation to suit local conditions.