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Comfort Zone Feliway Spray for Cats (75 ml)

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Comfort Zone Spray is a travel-size spray for helping reduce feline behavior issues caused by stress and anxiety. When cats get stressed or anxious, they sometimes act out as a result. Comfort Zone Spray uses pheromone technology to create a calming environment and reduce this behavior. Simply spray an area where your cat is urine marking or scratching, and the calming pheromone scent will help calm their anxiety.

  • Travel, boarding, and vet visits
  • Multiple-pet households
  • Transition from shelter or breeder
  • Moving, or changes to home or furniture
  • New people and pets in the home

Useful Information

    To reduce urine marking and limit destructive scratching on objects:
  • Hold the bottle approximately 4 inches away from the prominent object(s) that is attractive to your cat.
  • Depress the spray nozzle 5 times onto the object(s).
  • Be sure to apply the product where your cat urine marks or areas of scratching. DO NOT SPRAY DIRECTLY ON CAT.
  • Repeat this once per day at a minimum. If there are no fresh urine marks for any given day, then skip this step.

When introducing new furniture into your home, spray on the new object to help prevent urine marking and limit destructive scratching.

You may see changes in your cat's behavior in as little as 1 week. Some cats may take up to 4 weeks to show changes.

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