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Claypaws Paw Print Kit White Clay
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Claypaws Paw Print Kit White Clay

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Claypaws Paw Print Kit is a quick, easy way to make a lasting keepsake of a beloved pet.

The ClayPaws kit contains four ounces of a specially formulated, non-toxic modeling compound, a storage bag, and directions for use. Everything you need for making, baking without need for mixing or mess!

Like a child's handprint, each ClayPaws print reveals the unique lines and markings of a pet's paw --- sometimes complete with fur and a bit of dirt from the garden! A ClayPaws print preserves the memories of special times shared with a pet.

Useful Information

  • Clean hands and paws! This modeling compound attracts fur, dirt and ink.
  • Recruit help. Some pets have sensitive paws and resist print making. One person can gently restrain the pet while the other makes the print.
  • Adults should assist children when making and decorating paw prints.
  • Knead the clay for several minutes until soft and warm. DO NOT soften in a microwave oven as this may 'harden' the clay.
  • Roll clay into a ball and place on hard, clean smooth and portable surface (dinner plate, plastic clipboard or a Portable Patty Pad with a Circle Mold).
  • Flatten ball into a patty and turn over to reveal smoothest side.
  • Lift the portable surface to the pet's paw and center the paw on the clay.
  • Firmly, but gently, push the center pad of paw into the clay and , without removing paw, press each toe pad and nail/claw into the clay.
  • If print does not meet your standard. start over and try again.

  • To Decorate a Paw Print Before Baking:
  • If you wish to make a Clay Paws print hanging ornament, make one or two small holes using a match stick or crochet needle near the top center of the patty prior to baking. Be sure the opening is wide enough to pass a ribbon through.
  • Add a pet's name by using a toothpick, Stylus, or Alphabet Stamp Kit to carve or imprint letters.
  • Add decorative items like beads, collar tags or pre-baked charms ... arrange and press items into clay prior to baking. (Note: Decorations used must withstand oven temperatures of 275° - 295°F.)
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