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Chickles and Duckles Jerky Treats

Chickles and Duckles are 100% natural treats for dogs. With no additives, preservatives, flavors or colors added, you can feel good about treating your dog with these premium jerky treats. Long lasting and flavorful, Chickles Chicken Breast Strips are made from 100% natural chicken and contain no wheat, corn or soy fillers. Duckles Duck Jerky Strips are also made from 100% Duck and contain none of the fillers. Feed these natural treats to your dogs as a reward or in between meals and you'll have them coming for more!

Chickles and Duckles Jerky Treats for Dogs are tested and approved in USA. They are ideal for adult dogs and large breeds; do not feed to toy breeds, small dogs or dogs under 1 year of age.
Chickles & Duckles Natural Jerky Treats for Dogs