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Central Aquatics Aqueon Water Conditioner (16 fl oz)

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Central Aquatics Aqueon Water Conditioner (16 fl oz)
Whether it's preparing your tap water for fish, clearing murky water, neutralizing harmful ammonia or renewing essential trace elements, with Aqueon Water Care products, you can be assured that your fish will remain colorful, healthy and active.

Water Conditioner
  • Neutralizes the chlorine typically found in tap water, making it safe for fish.
  • Helps to reduce the stress on fish as they become familiar with their new environment.
  • Aids in restoring the natural slime coat to skin and gills, which can be worn away from netting and transporting fish.
  • Detoxifies ammonia and other elements that are released from fish waste.

    Disodium EDTA, sodium thiosulfate,

    Use the attached ml dosage cap and add 5ml (1 tsp) per 10 gallons of water
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