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Calf's Choice Total HiCal Bovine IgG Colostrum Replacement, 700gm

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Calf's Choice Total HiCal not only provides calves with the immunity they need, it's also very high in natural colostral fat, a critical early source of energy and warmth for newborn calves. HiCal is intended for calves needing extra energy. HiCal is made only from natural, premium quality bovine colostrum and is free of disease causing organisms that can be transmitted in colostrum. It is an excellent source of IgG, colostral fat, growth factors, and nutrients needed to improve calf survival, health, growth, and long term performance. HiCal is not a manufactured formula based on blood serum, whey, eggs, vegetable fats or other ingredients not naturally found in colostrum. Calf's Choice Total HiCal uniquely holds USDA Veterinary Biologics Regulatory approval for use as a total replacement for maternal colostrum in calves as an aid in the treatment of failure of passive transfer.

Key Benefits:

  • Instant mix formula provides high immunity and is high in colostral fat
  • Free of disease-causing organisms
  • Helps prevent pneumonia, scours and hypothermia and provides essential immune protection
  • Contains at least 85% IgG1, the antibody most effective in protecting calves against diarrhea and pneumonia
  • USDA Veterinary Biologics licensed

Useful Information

Replacement Colostrum - Mix 1 - 2 bags (700 gms) with 5-10 cups hot water.

Supplemental Colostrum - Mix ½ - 1 bag with 2.5-5 cups hot water.

Feed as soon as possible after birth by bottle or esophageal feeder. In an efficacy study, calves fed at recommended level of 2 bags achieved average serum IgG levels of 14.5 mg/ml and average serum total protein levels of 5.4 gm/dl. 16.8 kg = 24 packs. Scoop enclosed.

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