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Pet Medicine Cabinet Essentials

Does your pet have their own medicine cabinet? If not, then it is time to get into gear and create one for them. Being prepared is critical in case of a pet emergency. Should your dog or cat get injured or sick your pet medicine cabinet should be stocked with the appropriate items. Arm yourself and your pet with these dog and cat medicine cabinet essentials. Your pet will thank you for it!

Essential Reading

When putting together a medicine cabinet for your pet it is important to do your reading. Be sure to have a book that will aid you in the event your pet gets hurt. Books such as
1. Emergency First Aid for Your Dog
2. Emergency First Aid for Your Cat
are great resources to have on hand. The books contain valuable information on what to do if your pet gets hurt or needs to be taken to the vet. Other important information to have on hand includes: your pet's medical records, emergency numbers for your vet and poison control, your dog or cat's sitter or boarding facility and your pet's microchip number (if they have one).

General Supplies
General supplies are important to have in any medicine cabinet. For instance a pair of scissors and gloves can help keep bacteria from entering lesions and other injuries while removing clumps and foreign objects. Other items to have in your kit are syringes and 1. Pill Pockets; these supplies allow for administration of medications. A pair of tweezers can help when removing splinters or foreign objects. Products like 2. Tick Twister easily remove biting ticks safely. While it's important to have first aid supplies on hand, don't forget about general care.

it is imperative to keep a thermometer, towel, and aspirin on hand in the event that your dog or cat falls ill. Diphenhydramine is an antihistamine that is used to treat motion sickness, anxiety, allergies and insect stings. The use of aspirin medications like 4. Arthrin can help reduce fever and inflammation while preventing gastrointestinal upsets. Keep a 5. Pill Crusher/Splitter handy should your pets medication may be too large to administer. Be sure to use a Pet Health Record tokeep track of all your pets important vaccinations and other vet checkups.


When your dog or cat gets a lesion you should keep the wound clean and wrapped. Self treat the injury until you are able to take your pet to a veterinarian. In order to properly care for the wound, have the following items on hand:

1. PetFlex Bandages - used for wrapping up cuts or scraps. Wrapping a cut can keep your pet from licking the wound reducing the risk of infection or further injury.
2. Betadine Solution - for cleaning cuts or wounds. The solution should be used with an antibacterial cleanser like Nolvasan Skin & Wound Cleanser.
Sterile Telpha Pads that should be used to wrap the wound before placing the bandage
Saline Solution- to flush out dirt and other foreign objects
3. Omega Caps and Shed Pro are the top products to use to help keep your pet's skin and coat looking radiant. Made with premium ingredients, these supplements will keep your pet's skin and coat looking and feeling great.
4. Toxiban Suspension - to be used in the event that your pet digest toxicants
5. Cotton Tipped Applicators - to be used for cleaning, removing debris and applying topicals
6. Yuk-2e - Non-toxic but terrible-tasting gel which deters the licking and bitting of wounds or lesions to help prevent further injury by the animal.
7. Nolvasan - Anti bacterial and antifungal cleanser used as a general soap or to treat minor cuts and wounds
8. Clotisol - blood clotting suspension used as an aid to stop bleeding in animals caused by minor cuts and wounds.
Ear and Eye Care

There may be instances where your dog or cat gets some type of infection. If this happens it is important to call your vet right away. However, continual care and maintenance can help prevent this from happening. Try the following products to keep your dog or cat's ears and eyes feeling his or her best.

1. Otiderm - helps to clean and deodorize your pet's ear, the solution creates an ideal environment for healthy ears
2. Zymox - aids with reducing inflammation of the ear canal caused from bacterial, viral and yeast infections.
3. Angels Eyes - an oral supplement that removes tear stains in dogs and cats inside and out
4. Advanced pHormula Ear Cleanser - the cleanser should be used to clean your pet's ears to maintain a healthy pH level
5. Pet Swabs Tear Stains - liquid filled swabs used to prevent tear stains
Joint Care

Proper joint care is essential for all pets. Giving your pet a complete joint supplement can help their joints feel better while improving mobility. When choosing joint care pick supplements high in Glucosamine, Chondroitin and vitamins.

1. Joint MAX Double Strength - the supplement contains Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Vitamin C and other essential ingredients that treat arthritis and joint conditions. Joint MAX is also available in Liquid form for cats.
2. ReMATRIX - is a powerful supplement that contains a complete source of nutrients and vitamins that builds cartilage rematrix in dogs. The specially formulated ingredients also help to keep the skin and coat health.
3. Joint Treats - are the newest way to help your pet's arthritis. The treats are low in calories and taste great.
4. Glyco-Flex Glyco-Flex joint supplement contain an innovative formula for dogs and cats. The supplement comes in a variety of stages that meet the specific need of puppies, mature dogs and geriatric and retired canines.

Help your pet feel his or her best all the time with digestion supplements formulated to reduce bloating and gas. Nutritional supplements are also a great way of giving your pet essential vitamins and minerals they may be lacking from their food.

1. Syner-G - contains enzymes that help aid in digestion, helping to reduce bloating, gas and allergies in dogs or cats. The supplement is also available in and easy to administer granule form.
2. Fortiflora - is a nutritional supplement used to relieve diarrhea caused from stress and microflora imbalances. Fortiflora works to promote a healthy immune system
3. DiaBac - is an oral supplements that should be used to control bacterial diarrhea systems such as E. Coli and Salmonella in the upper GI tract
4. Green-UM - helps to protect your law from being damaged caused from urine and feces. Green-UM works by neutralizes the nitrogen compounds in the urine and feces.
5. Hydration Tabs - supports the health of dogs during challenging times such as any inappetence occurance including vomiting, diarrhea, post-op, recovery, G.I disturbances and any other debilitated dogs.

Often times your pet may show their stressed by acting out, getting overexcited, they may develop digestive problems, bark or whine excessively or get depressed. To reduce anxiety in your pet keep the following supplies on hand.

1. Tranquil Tabs - an all natural remedy that helps to keep dogs calm is stressful situations. The tablets can given to pets suffering from a change in environment, separation anxiety, stress from loud noises or vet/groomers visit
2. HomeoPet TFLN Anxiety - contains all natural ingredients designed to provide relief from stressful situations
3. Feliway - the unique formula in Feliway replicates the smell of a cat's natural scent glands keeping them from urinating where they shouldn't.

After giving your dog or cat the proper care give a toy that will help make their injury a little less stressful. Toys such the Bettie and Rita from Otis and Claude are the perfect for making your pets' day a little brighter.

Keeping a well organized, complete medicine cabinet will ensure that your dog or cat receives the proper treatment no matter what the ailment. However, it is important to remember that immediate first- aid is only the first step. To assure proper care consult your veterinarian with any questions.