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Otis and Claude - Bumble Ball (3 PACK)

Item: C98214-3PK
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Bumble Ball Motorized Dog Toy is a round, durable toy that moves unpredictably, providing endless fun for your furry friend. It features a built-in motor that activates when touched, causing the ball to vibrate and bounce in various directions. The ball's movement mimics the behavior of prey, stimulating your dog's natural instincts to chase and pounce.

Key Features:

  1. Physical Exercise: The Bumble Ball encourages your dog to move and stay active. The erratic movement keeps your dog engaged, enticing them to chase, pounce, and play. This helps promote healthy exercise and can contribute to weight management.
  2. Mental Stimulation: The unpredictable bouncing and vibrating motion of the Bumble Ball engage your dog's mind. It requires them to think and react, enhancing their cognitive skills and providing mental stimulation. This can be especially beneficial for dogs that require extra mental stimulation to prevent boredom and destructive behavior.
  3. Relieves Boredom and Anxiety: Dogs that experience separation anxiety or boredom can benefit from the Bumble Ball. The interactive playtime helps alleviate stress and anxiety by providing an outlet for their energy and keeping their minds occupied. It can be a great source of entertainment when you're not available to play with your dog.
  4. Interactive Bonding: The Bumble Ball can strengthen the bond between you and your dog. You can join in the playtime by controlling the ball's movement, creating a shared experience of fun and excitement. It also provides an opportunity for training, as you can reward your dog's positive behavior during play sessions.
  5. Durable and Safe: The Bumble Ball is designed to withstand rough play. It is made from sturdy materials that can endure the impact of your dog's pouncing and chewing. Additionally, it is equipped with safety features to prevent any harm to your pet while playing.

Overall, the Bumble Ball Motorized Dog Toy offers a combination of physical exercise, mental stimulation, and interactive play, keeping your dog entertained, happy, and active. It can be a valuable addition to your dog's toy collection, providing hours of fun and helping to improve their overall well-being.

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Useful Information

  1. Insert Batteries: Before using the Bumble Ball, ensure that it has fresh batteries installed. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to insert the batteries properly.
  2. Turn On the Ball: Locate the power switch on the Bumble Ball. It is usually located on the side or bottom of the toy. Flip the switch to the "On" position to activate the motor.
  3. Introduce the Toy: Present the Bumble Ball to your dog in a safe and open area. Allow them to sniff and investigate the toy at their own pace.
  4. Encourage Play: Gently tap or touch the ball to initiate movement. The motor inside will activate, causing the ball to vibrate and bounce in various directions. Encourage your dog to chase and interact with the moving toy.
  5. Supervise Playtime: It's important to supervise your dog while they play with the Bumble Ball. Keep an eye on their behavior and ensure they don't chew or swallow any parts of the toy. If the ball shows signs of damage, remove it from your dog's reach.
  6. Join in the Fun: To make playtime even more interactive, you can control the ball's movement by tapping it in different directions. This allows you to engage with your dog and create a shared play experience.
  7. Storage: After playtime, turn off the Bumble Ball and store it in a safe place where your dog cannot access it. This will help prolong the life of the toy and prevent any accidental activation.

Remember to follow any specific instructions provided by the manufacturer for your particular model of the Bumble Ball Motorized Dog Toy.

Customer Reviews

Review Summary
20 Reviews
35% (7)
10% (2)
10% (2)
25% (5)
20% (4)
50% Recommend this product (10 of 20 responses)
By Suzy
Selinsgrove, Pa
Bumble Ball I I
December 2, 2020
I have a very active 2 yr old pitbull. She absolutely loves this ball! She dances all around it and pounces on it. Loads of fun for her and for me just to watch her. Thank you. It is a good sturdy toy.
Merchant Response:We love hearing this!
By Judy
Vista, CA
Bumble ball toy
October 5, 2021
Got this because my wiener dog love the baby toy just like these balls. Unfortunately within 10 minutes he had chewed of most of the nobs from playing. Same with the second one. The description says they are sturdy but this is not true. Don't waste your money!
Cheap plastic
By Shane
Catskills, NY
Didn’t work from the start
January 21, 2021
My kids got this for our puppy for Christmas, and it wasnít operational from the start. The shaking mechanism inside was detached so it didnít wiggle, just vibrated around inside. I opened it up and put it into place, closed it and turned it on but it just came off again. Repeated and the same thing. Kids were disappointed as they were super excited. So I spent part of my Xmas trying to repair a not well built toy to try and salvage it. I emailed the company later that day, and here I am in the middle of January on hold on the phone for the second time and going to a voicemail and still havenít heard anything back. First time dealing with this company, so Iím not saying this is their norm, but itís my first and only experience. Not sure I shouldíve had high expectations of a low priced toy with moving parts, but didnít expect to have the immediate disappointment right out of the box.
Looked like a lot of fun Didn?t work. Poor customer service.
By Vincent
Bumble Ball
December 28, 2020
The bumble balls were damaged and my pup was only able to play with it one day and I had to change the batteries. I notice after replacing the batteries and testing to make sure it was working that the little mechanism inside that helps the motor and makes the ball bounce that piece no longer stays in place so the ball no longer bounces. I call customer service and advised the young lady of this and she advised me that she would get a replacement sent out and I should receive an email regarding when the replacement will be here. I have yet to receive such email or a the replacement and I only asked for one to be replaced not both.
By Nicole
Long Island NY
Didn’t last more than 5 minutes
December 24, 2020
I purchased this for my mini dachshund mind you she weighs 11 lbs at best. Well we turned it on and next I know she bit off 3 of the color bumpers! So I donít recommend this at all i received this yesterday 12/23/20 and itís destroyed within minutes and I mean minutes waste of money
By Monique H.
Englewood Florida
Toy not for medium and big dogs
October 3, 2020
We have a puppy of 5 months old and the toy he enjoyed it for 10 minutes. After that the toy was broken. A small pin inside was broken so the toy did not move that much anymore. Our dog could grab the toy easy in his mouth and he bit the rubber points off. The toy/ball went straight into the garbage can. Not a toy for labradors so it seems.
It is a very good toy for small dogs Not strong enough for a puppy Labrador . Material was inside not good. Outside better but if the ball is not moving enough the dog can grab it and bite it.
By pat
downers grove,il
otis and claude bumble balls
July 27, 2020
not as sturdy as the older ones they break very easy they are not the same internal parts these are very cheaply made plastic too much we have been buying these for our grandson who is special needs this is the only thing he will play with for the last 11 years imagine the money we have spent on batteries bottom line the new parts and the internal making are not at all durable as the old ones were

By Penni
Rockville, MD
Bumble Ball Motorized Dog Toy
January 28, 2020
Perfection! Loads of fun and laughter. Exactly as described, quality toy, great price and fast shipping. Highly recommend Healthy Pets and the Bumble Ball!
By Sandy
Indianapolis, IN
Bumble Ball
February 22, 2018
This is smaller than I realized and unfortunately my golden chewed the tip off within minutes of receiving it. Would recommend for less aggressive chewers.
By Ellen K.
Haines City, Fl
Happy Puppy
May 13, 2017
This bumble ball is the best. It keeps the puppy entertained and keeps us laughing.
Merchant Response:LOL the bumble ball has a tendency to keep the whole family entertained.
Awesome entertainment The switch is a little hard to pull out to turn off.
St. Louis, Mo.
Cute but Obnoxious Toy
September 25, 2016
Our puppy was scared to death of it! She ran away until we turned it off!
Very cute and fun for older dogs. Our puppy was very scared of it!
By Cindy
Bubble ball
May 6, 2016
Although this ball works as described I found my grandchildren are more interested in it than the dogs are.
By ace750
Spring Hill, FL
Bumble Ball
December 23, 2015
Wonderful toy for active dogs. We doggie sit for our "granddog". When he "Shelby" comes for a visit he loves to play with the Bumble Ball. He likes it so much that he is getting one for Christmas to take home. We have a video of him playing with it and I wish I could share that here it is so much fun to watch.
By Paula
Indianapolis, Indiana
Not interested
July 4, 2015
I have 3 dogs a Havenese, a Shih Tzu and a Cavashon. None of them are interested in this toy. I turn it on, set it in the middle of the floor, they look at it and then walk away. Unfortunately you can only return unopened items, since this comes attached to a card, it'd be pretty difficult to repackage. Also the batteries lasted a few minutes and had to be replaced.
By tsw
Los Angeles, CA
Ok for light chewers
July 1, 2015
My 2 yr old Scottie loves it enough that even though I know it will probably only last a dozen or so play times, I ordered the 3 pack. DO NOT leave your dog alone to play with this toy.
My dog gets so excited and enjoys this toy more than any of the others I have purchased for him. The action is good, although it could be bouncier. I ordered one of these and within the first play session it had pieces coming off. The problem is that the pieces that come out from the side are hollow plastic. If your dog is not afraid to pick the toy up then they have to use these. Being hollow they give in to the pressure and come out of the hole. Once those are all missing the ball does still work some but it is cheap plastic and again if the dog picks it up by the seam, pieces will break off.
SW Florida
Fun entertainment
December 19, 2014
My dog (American cocker) loves it. Carries it around, bouncing & bobbling his head. For small to medium, non-aggressive chewers, just like package says. Unless your keeping horses, retrievers and labs are not small to medium.
Self-sufficient plaything once you've turned it on. Batteries seem to last a good amount of time. Changing the batteries- tiny, easy to lose screw (But not enough to kill the deal).
By Edmund L.
Have have Bought these Balls for a Long Time
June 22, 2014
My Comment is this the on and Off Pin to run this Ball needs to be of Stronger material , When pushed in to run it doesn't work at times and you have to play around with it to make it work. or at times it won't work at all.I bought 11 of these Balls last year for My Disabled son. and the pin button didn't work on Two of them right out of the Box.I don't mind buying these for him they kind of Keep him Calm and he Likes them. But to have a Product that keeps Braking down isn't right either. So if you could go back to whom makes this Product and let them know this it might be Helpful in the Rating of this Item. Thank You for Your Time.

Edmund J. Lascelles Jr.
By Debra
not good
August 21, 2012
Our lab not interested in this toy for long; tried it again later and he destroyed it in short order.
By Theresa
great toy
November 18, 2010
I bought this for my son\'s dog Roscoe, he is an american bull-dog... the toy did\'nt last very long.It\'s better for very small dogs.
By sharon g.
coolaroo pet bed
July 20, 2010
The best bed. Great for outdoors-keeps dog cool
and away from bugs in the grass.

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