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Glyco-Flex is a popular joint-supplement for dogs with arthritis and other joint conditions. The supplement contains glucosamine and Dimethylglycine to help improve circulation to the joints. Here are the 3 variations of Glyco-Flex we offer:

Glyco-Flex I is primarily for younger dogs and dogs who are predisposed to hip of joint dysfunction, and serves to REINFORCE their joints and connective tissues.

Glyco-Flex II is formulated for adult dogs, especially working breeds that can sustain a lot of wear & tear on their joints. Glyco-Flex II serves to REBUILD worn joints, and can help relieve the symptoms of moderate joint dysfunction.

Glyco-Flex III is for older dogs, and includes a number of ingredients such as Manganese, Vitamin C, Selenium, and Grape Seed Extract to RESTORE function to your dog's joints.

Together, the 3 supplements in the Glyco-Flex series help your dogs to live happier and healthier lives, regardless of their stage of life.

Comparison between old and new formulas.

Glyco-Flex I for Puppies & Adult Dogs

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