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Bluefang 3 in 1 Remote Trainer, Bark Control Collar and the New Activity/Fitness Monitor

Item: BF-16
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The all new Bluefang BF-16 is a 2-in-1 smart phone controlled remote training and advanced bark control collar. It uses the Bluetooth capabilities of your iPhone or Android to let you send commands and corrections from 400 ft.. Training feature uses 3 positive tones to quickly teach "good dog" behaviors like "Sit," "Stay" and "Heel". 3 adjustable stimulus levels instantly stop "bad dog" behaviors like digging, jumping, chewing. Use the mild level to get your dog's attention, medium to stop bad behavior and strong for those rare times when you must stop dangerous activity like chasing cars or fighting with other dogs. You can control an unlimited number collars and set individual intensity and duration for each stimulus level and each dog.

Bark control feature has the unique ability to distinguish between nuisance barking and intruder/ alarm barking. You can select "Stop Nuisance Barking", Stop All Barking" or "Stop Barking and Howling". Choose from 3 correction modes. "Sound" mode is completely painless. "Stimulus" uses harmless progressive static correction that starts mild and increases with each bark. "Sound plus Stimulus" uses an audible warning followed by progressive static stimulus. This collar is guaranteed to stop dog barking faster and more humanely than any other bark stopping collar.

The BF-16 also has the amazing ability to send new firmware to the collar with each new app update. Hardware already built into the collar will come alive to perform new tasks like "virtual leash" and "pet pedometer" that are just a few of the many new features in development. The app also gives you the latest instructions and product info plus tips on training, animal health and fitness and many other pet related subjects. Watch the latest instructional videos even get live product support. The BF-16 is not just a remote training collar. It's a high tech interactive device that will improve your communication with your dog, keeping him well behaved, healthy and happy.

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