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Blue Buffalo Wilderness

Blue Buffalo Wildernessis a formula developed to replicate the diet of wild animals for cats and dogs who have been hearing the call of the wild.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness is rich in protein and contains no grains to ensure that your pet gets more food and less filler. Intended to act as an alternative to raw diets, which increase endurance in dogs, the Wilderness formula includes many of the same ingredients as raw diets with additional supplements to make sure that your dog 's diet is nutritionally sound.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness comes in a variety of recipes that are specialized for adult dogs, puppies, overweight dogs, and cats. Wilderness for cats is inspired by the diet of predatory cats that live in the wilderness and aims at the same nutritional goals for cats that Wilderness for dogs aims for in dogs. This means the food is gluten-free and contains high-quality protein. Wilderness for cats also comes in a variety of formations.

Wilderness comes in a variety of flavors that include salmon, chicken and duck recipes. Wilderness also offers formulas for wet food and treats for both cats and dogs and each dry food option of Wilderness comes in a variety of sizes. Order Wilderness formula snacks, dry food and wet food for your pet today.

Key Features:
  • Comes in dry food, wet food and snack form
  • Include mostly protein, veggies and fruit to replicate the diet of wild animals
  • Come in a variety of sizes and flavor
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness

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