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Blue Buffalo Longevity

Blue Buffalo Longevity is a pet food formula aimed at maintaining a healthy weight and nutritious diet for cats and dogs.

The Longevity formula aims at supporting muscle development, maintaining the immune system, giving energy, and promoting health in your pet's skin, coat, teeth and bone health. Longevity comes in three formulations for dogs and three for cats, each aimed at supporting the pet during a particular life stage.

Blue Buffalo Longevity offers a long-term nutrition plan for your pet that will have them healthy from the time they are puppies or kittens through the time of their maturity. Each formula of Longevity for cats comes in a 5-pound bag and each formula of Longevity for dogs come in two sizes: a 9-pound bag and a 24-pound bag. Order a bag for your dog today, so he can live a long and happy life.

  • Available for dogs and cats of all ages
  • Specially formulated to aid immune system and promote healthy bones, skin, cat and teeth
  • Gives energy to pets and promotes muscle development
  • Blue Buffalo Longevity
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