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Blue Buffalo for Puppies

Blue Buffalo for Puppies is a special formula of Blue Buffalo's top foods made especially for puppies.

Blue Buffalo for Puppies offer a variety of flavors and nutrition options for your favorite little friend. Each formula is designed to give your puppy an excellent start by providing them with an abundance of nutrients that they will need as they rapidly grow into full-sized dogs.

Blue Buffalor for Puppies come in Life Protection, Wilderness and Longevity formulas to give you a choice of diets for your puppy. Life Protection also offers a specific formula for puppies that are small breeds and don't need as much fuel to power their growth. Each puppy is different and with Blue Buffalo's variety of formulas you're sure to find the best diet to turn your puppy into the big and healthy dog he hopes to be. Nutrition in a growing puppy is important, so be sure to order one of Blue Buffalo's top quality dog food formulas today!

  • Multiple formulas ensue your puppy gets the exact nutrition he needs
  • Life Protection for Puppies comes in multiple varieties and sizes
  • Each formula uses natural ingredients that your puppy will love!
  • Blue Buffalo for Puppies