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Blue Buffalo Wilderness Dry Dog Food

Blue Buffalo for Adults includes a variety of Blue Buffalo products that include varieties in taste, formula, and size.

Blue Buffalo for Adults comes in three formulations: Life Protection, Longevity for Adult Dogs and Wilderness. Each formula aims at providing adult dogs a healthy and well-balanced dinner with ample nutritional value.

Each the variation on the formula comes with even more varieties of flavor and size. Some of the flavors include Chicken, Duck, Turkey & Chicken, Chicken and Brown Rice and more. Each flavor also comes in several different sizes which differ based on the particular formula. Formulas for adult dogs also include Weight Control formulas for dogs that have an unhealthy weight. All varieties of Blue Buffalo for Adult Dogs contain premium ingredients that were specially chosen to optimize particular aspects of your dog's health. Order a bag of Blue Buffalo dog food today.

  • Comes in a large assortment of varieties perfectly specialized for your specific dog
  • Rich in nutrients
  • All natural ingredients
  • Blue Buffalo for Adult Dogs