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Benefits of a Pet

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emotional benefits of owning a pet

Studies have shown owning a pet helps with people's emotional and mental well-being. Many owners feel less lonely, stressed, afraid, depressed, anti-social and more. In addition, there are many dog programs that visit hospitals and nursing homes. They help patients emotionally through their pain and bring them happiness. Here are emotional benefits of owning a pet:


Pets act as a companion to safeguard and fight against depression or loneliness.

love life

Pets can help someone's love life, such as, starting a conversation and getting a date.


Pets help with easing stress. After a long stressful day at work, your pet is there for you.


People with pets are thought to have more self-esteem. They are more sociable.


If you lose a loved one, your pet will help you get through it.


Pets make us feel happy. We feel unconditionally loved. They make us smile and laugh.

physical benefits of owning a pet

Doesn't it seem like people that own pets just get out more than people without? It's because pets are interactive and therefore help your physical health. Owning a pet allows you to exercise more and exert more energy just to keep up with them sometimes. When your pet gets you moving it helps your physical body get in shape. Here are physical benefits of owning a pet:

blood pressure

Pets can help to lower your blood pressure because they help ease stress. Studies show non-pet owners blood pressure jump an average of 28 points versus pet owners jumped 6 points


Pets help with getting you in shape. For example, dog owners walk an average of 300 minutes a week versus non-dog owners who average 168 minutes a week.

heart health

Having a pet increases your chances of surviving a serious heart attack. 1 in 4 survival rate for pet owners versus 1 in 10 for non-pet owners.

live longer

Pets can help you live longer. Within a year, 1 in 3 patients without pets passed away versus 1 in 20 who owned a pet lived longer. So on average, people who have owned pets live 3 years longer than people who never have.


Pet owners are less likely to suffer from allergies.

Benefits of a Pet
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