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Barley Dog and Barley Cat

Eating grass is usually thought to be a sign of an upset stomach in dogs, but it's actually a normal behavior. Dogs do this in order to boost their body's supply of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Although the nutrients are beneficial, there are a couple of health risks associated with grass eating. Dogs are at risk of ingesting harmful chemicals that many lawns are treated with. They might also end up with throat or stomach trouble because of the tiny barbs found on blades of grass. That's why giving them a supplement like

Barley Dog

instead of letting them eat regular grass is a good idea.

Barley Grass for Dogs

is a powder that can be mixed with a dog's regular canned food. It can also be used with dry food when mixed with a bit of water. It helps make up for the nutrients that many commerically prepared dog foods don't contain. It's made from young barley grass that's ground up into powder and flavored with hickory-smoked bacon, which dogs love. It also contains brown rice and garlic.

Barley Dog

gives dogs a variety of important nutrients, including vitamins C and E, chlorophyll, active enzymes, amino acids and beta-carotene. These nutrients provide several benefits, such as boosting energy levels, supporting proper digestion, supporting a healthy coat and skin and improving bad breath. Owners should use this product once or twice a day. The amount used depends on the dog's size.