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Ask The Vet (Week of 10/12/09)

In this issue: Oct 12th, 2009

Ask the Vet is an ongoing series, where customer questions are answered by our resident Veterinarians. Submit your questions to

Is it necessary to put my dog on heartworm prevention meds?
- Savanah
Heartgard is 100% effective against heartworms. Give your pet the protection it needs.
It is very necessary to use heartworm meds. It is always best to be preventative then not at all. Heartworm infections can significantly damage the heart, lungs, and other organs if left untreated. They are transmitted through mosquito bites; a mosquito bites an infected dog and ingests heartworm larvae, passing it onto the next dog it bites. The Larvae then penetrates the dog's skin and travels through the body to the heart. It takes a few months for the infection to reach the heart. Within that time, worms can grow. The best way to see if your dog has heartworm disease is going to the veterinarian and they will test a small blood sample for the presence of heartworm larvae or heartworm antibodies. Depending on the severity, monthly preventatives are available. Consult your veterinarian for the appropriate choices.
Recommended products: Heartgard, Revolution, Sentinel
My dog is an aggressive chewer. How can I make him stop chewing up everything in sight?
- Stacey S.
Ranch Rewards
Ranch Rewards Beef Flavored Pressed Bones is sure to last longer for more chewing and doggy satisfaction.
Aggressive chewers come in all shapes and sizes. What you can do is try these different types of bones to control your dog's needs. Pressed Rawhide have a satisfying long-lasting beef taste. They are made from 100% premium beef flavored. Its' smoked and pressed for that ultra dense, tight compressed layers that is sure to last longer for more chewing and doggy satisfaction. Ranch Rewards Beef Flavored Pressed Bones is compressed so tightly that it lasts up to five times longer than regular rawhide.

Non-edible Some dogs will not put that bone down, a toy like Nylabone Dura Chew Plus will massage gums and scrape dental plaque from teeth and will last for hours to your dog occupied.
Recommended products: Nylabone Dura Chew Plus, Ranch Rewards Pressed Bones, Be Good Treat Company Pressed Bone
My dog's fur smells bad! What dog shampoo should I use for my dog?
- Dylan
HALO shampoo
HALO shampoo is gentle and safe for all types of pets, our hypoallergenic, biodegradeable, non-drying formula leaves them fresh and pettably soft.
All dog coats are different depending on the breed and hair type. In some instances your dog might be the dog that loves to roll around in the dirt and get messy. Some other dogs have oilier coats and have coat problems that create an obvious smell. With shampoos such as HALO or Epi-Soothe will help remove the pungent smell.
Recommended products: HALO Herbal Shampoo, Epi-soothe Medicated Shampoo, John Paul Pet Shampoo
How do I potty train my dog?
- Stephanie
iCrate is designed completely around the safety, security and comfort of your dog.
A lot of veterinarians believe that crate training is the best and fastest way to train your dog. This is because most dogs do not wish to soil the place they sleep or spend time so they will hold it until they are out of their cage. You want to make sure your cage is the right size for your dog, this is because sometimes the dog will urine in the corner and will sleep on the other side. You want them to learn not to urinate in the cage. Once you let your dog out of the cage, quickly take them outside. Keep doing this until they are used to doing it themselves without your assistance of taking them outside. Another way is using training pads. These pads encourage a dog to urinate on them. Although this method takes its' time, the dog will get used to the routine of urinating on the pad.
Recommended products: iCrate Folding Dog Crate, Puppy Training Pads,
How do I get cat hair off my furniture and the cats are shedding like crazy I tried everything?
- Anonymous
FURminator deshedding tool
FURminator deshedding tool is a specially designed shed-less treatment for cat and dog brush.
With a balanced diet your cat will have soft skin and reduce excess shedding. Another way is to regularly brush them. This will remove dead undercoat and remove dander. Getting a special bed for your cat will give them their own place so they will not roam around on your couches. Products like the FURminator will help you contain shedding to a minimum.
Recommended products: Shed- Pro for Cats & Dogs, The FURminator, Derm Tabs ES
The preceeding information is for educational purposes only.
For serious problems please consult with your veterinarian.

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