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Ask the Vet (Week of 9/22/08)

In this issue: September 29, 2008

I usually give my dog flea and tick medication from March up to the end of August. I just moved to Florida and I don't know if I need to give him flea medicine all year long or should this be good enough? Thank you in advance.
- Stacey
Frontline Plus kills 98-100% of existing fleas in less than 24 hours. Frontline Plus is by Merial and contains a special ingredient that kills flea eggs and larvaes too.
Fleas are an annoying parasite not only for pets but also for humans. If not treated correctly fleas can be a serious health risk. Fleas can lead to infections, cause anemia, and also transmit tapeworms. It's a good idea to prevent your pet from fleas and ticks all year long. Most pet owners are not aware that fleas and ticks are around year long, not only warm weather months.
Recommended products: Frontline Plus, Advantage Flea Control, K9 Advantix
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Hi, I have a little Poodle named Scottie. He's about 1 year old and always has been a good dog. Recently I noticed he has been snapping at other dog's and even humans. He used to love it when anybody would pet him but now does not allow it. What can I do?
- Joane
Spray Shield (formerly known as Direct Stop) is highly effective for dealing with low to medium level aggression, in both inter-dog and dog-to-human.
Dog aggression is a very commom problem and can come about very unexpectedly. Poor socialization is the main cause of dog aggression. The environment your dog is in will most likely trigger the way he interacts with other animals and humans. The best way you can help your dog's aggression is to take him to an animal behaviorist or trainer. This method can be very expensive and time consuming depending on where the trainer is located. Obedience training videos can be a cheaper and effective method that allows both you and your dog to stay in the comfort of your own home.
Recommended products: PuppySmart Training Videos, Spray Shield, Feliway
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We have a Siberian Husky and occasionally he licks his front paw to the point that it is raw. It is the size of a dime. We try to bandage it- but he chews the bandage off.
The Vet says that it could be an allergy and he prescribed Simplicef 200 mg. This happened last year at this time - now he has started again. Is there another medication that can be given?
- Shirly
HomeoPet Hot Spot medicated to relieve hot spots that are red, oozing or dry and flaky.
If in fact this is not a skin allergy you can try to distract your dog so that he will take his attention away from what he is doing. When he begins to lick or chew himself you can make a very short, sharp, sound just loud enough to startle your dog into stopping. You also want to give your dog plenty of time to run around, play and exercise. Your dog may be licking again because it was an old habit. You can also try some of these over the counter solutions.
Recommended products: HomeoPet Hot Spots, Yuk-2e Anti Lick Gel
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I recently just took feral cat into my home. I think she's about 5 weeks old. What do I need to get for my kitty to ensure she has a good home?
- Felines Friend
Pet ID Tags Keep your pet safe outdoors with a personalized pet ID tag.

When taking in a new cat you want to learn right away what they do and do not like. You can start with a checklist of necessary items that you think will fit your cat's personality and see how those products work. A starting checklist for your cat should look something like this:
i) Litter Box
ii) Treats to help train and reward your cat
iii) Adjustable collar that will keep your cat comfortable
iv) Cat food that meets your cat's needs
v) Food & Water dishes that won't easily tip over
vi) Kitty carrier
vii) ID tag

Recommended products: Littermaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Id Tag, Pet Bowls
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I have a 2 year old dog that I recently rescued from a humane society. When I first saw my dog at the shelter he seemed to be very calm. Now whenever we have guests over he seems to bark and growl at them excessively. Could this be a result of how he was treated before? What can I do to have him bark less?
- Unknown
MULTIVET Anti-Bark Spray Collar is a safe and effective to use for all sizes of dog. Each time your dog barks, the sound-sensitive collar releases a harmless spray that interrupts the dog and gradually conditions him to stop barking.
The first thing you need to do is train your dog to feel comfortable in this environment. Your dog may feel intimidated in the type of situation where he is surrounded by people he's not familiar with. You can start to train your dog with a number of different types of collar.
Recommended products: Multivet Anti-Bark Collar, Premier SpraySense Anti-Bark Collar, Innotek Automatic No-Bark Collar
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It seems that whenever my dog licks around the mouth it always leaves a stain. This also happens if his eyes are watery. Is there something wrong with my dog or is there something I can give him so he won't have these stains?
- Unknown
Angels' Eyes helps to eliminate staining around mouth and coats due to licking.
This is a common problem for both cats and dogs. This problem can be inherited by cats and dogs and cause them to develop very small tear ducts or overly watery eyes. This problem can also be caused as a response to various products your pet is taking. Over the counter solutions are available and have been highly effective to have your pet looking their best.
Recommended products: Angel Eyes, Diamond Eye, Pet's Spark Tearstain Eliminator
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The preceeding information is for educational and entertainment purposes only.
For serious problems please consult with your veterinarian.

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