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Ask the Vet (Week of 9/15/08)

In this issue:
What can be done about excessive shedding? Our black lab/mix is 9 years old and sheds like crazy all year long. Is there some sort of supplement or oil to lessen his dry skin and reduce the shedding?
- Jane Carey
Shed-Pro helps reduce unwanted shedding found on furniture, carpet and clothes. It improves your pet's skin and coat with an all natural formula.
Dog shedding can be frustrating problem with dogs all year long. With fall approaching alot of pet owners will notice their pets losing the thinner summer coat for a heavier winter coat. While the amount of shedding varies from breed to breed, all shedders- even the heaviest- can be tamed by a regular and frequent schedule of combing, brushing, and suppplements. Supplements with Omega-3 and Omega-6 will effectively reduce unwanted shedding and help promote healthy skin and a radiant hair coat.
Recommended products: Shed Pro, Derm Tabs ES, Furminator
My cat scratches on the new carpet..especially on the stairs. How can I discourage him from doing this?
- Mark Schulte
Otis and Claude CLIMB is the first modular kitty condo that you won't want to hide in the closet. Your pet can hide, scratch and peek to their hearts content.
Although scratching provides your cat with a form of physical therapy for the muscles and tendons of his paws, the behavior can take its toll on you and valuables if not corrected. By gentle and consistent correction and by providing alternative scratching areas, you can persuade your cat to scratch where it is appropriate. If the scratching is still consistent you can also try Soft Paws.
Recommended products: PetMate Carpeted Cat Post, Climb by Otis and Claude
My dog is 14 years old and in basic good health other than she is having trouble with bladder control. Is there anything that can be done to help her with this? She is a house dogs so that makes the problem worse. She is a German Sheppard so she is a big girl. Any Advice you can give will be appreciated.
- Nora Ungerer
Bladder Strength is an advanced combination of factors that work together to improve bladder control, strengthen bladder muscles, improve bladder emptying, and provide anti-microbial support.
When a dog is urinating involuntarily you want to take the correct measures to resolve the issue before it turns into something more serious. Urinary or Bladder Incontinence is when your pet loses voluntary control over their urination. This may cause your pet to urinate throughout the entire day, or urinate without knowing it. Urinary incontience sometimes may be confused with inappropriate urination (a behavioral problem), urinary tract infection, or submissive urination. You should visit your veterinarian for a proper diagnosis.
Recommended products: RESOURCES Canine Incontinence Support, Vetri-Science Bladder Strength
What is the average age a dog can start having arthritis? It seems like my dog Jake has been getting lazier everyday and struggles to climb the stairs.
- Jakes Mom
Glyco-Flex is an innovative formulation for dogs with abnormal joint condition. Smoked flavored tablets for dogs.
Arthritis can hit a dog at many different stages of his or her life. When trying to recognize a dog with arthritis certain actions by the dog will be noticeable. Some of the signs are limping, favoring certain limbs more than others, reluctant to rise after resting. You will also be able to tell if your dog is stiffer in the morning and wants to rest and sleep longer hours. Remember it's always good to take preventive actions in order to help your dog in the future.
Recommended products: Arthritis Power Packs, Cosequin, Glyco Flex
My family and I recently just got back from a one week vacation. We weren't allowed to bring our 2 year old dog so we left him at a friend' s house. When we got back we noticed that he is very anxious and seems to be chewing a lot more. Do you know if this was caused by the separation? What can I do to have him relax a little?
- Sid
HomeoPet products are fast acting, non-sedating, in an easy to dose liquid formula and have to date no adverse effects.
Your pet might have felt left out when he was in a new environment. You can start by giving your dog some chew treats to keep him busy and also to make him feel more comfortable. You can also try giving him some great all natural products in order to have time feel more relaxed and comfortable in all surroundings.
Recommended products: TranQuil Tabs, Feliway and D.A.P., HomeoPet, CET Chews
I recently got a little poodle and now I have a total of 3 dogs. The new poodle has a disgusting habit of eating hers and the other dogs poop! What can I do to stop this nasty habit?
- Unknown
FOR BID stops coprophagy (pets eating stool). Vegetable protein and sodium glutamate work in the digestive system to give stools a bad taste.
Coprophagy is better known as "eating stool" and can be very unpleasant to experience with your pet. This is a very common habit among many dogs and can make your dog more vulnerable to other bacteria, parasites, viruses, and disease if eating other dogs stool. This can be caused by a behavioral problem or it can also be caused because of a lack of essential vitamins and minerals. The best bet is to clean up right after the pet but sometimes it can go unnoticed. There are some effective-stool eating preventatives.
Recommended products: FOR-BID, STOP 100ct
I've noticed at certain time of the year my little pug starts to scratch himself more often? What can I do to help that itch?
- Pugsleys Mom
Derma Tabs ES effectively reduces unwanted shedding and promote healthy skin and a radiant hair coat.
Pets can suffer from seasonal allergy conditions just as much as people. Their symptoms may include intense itching, scratching, licking and biting. Secondary bacterial infections are common because of the intensity of the itch; some pets will have chronic itching in their ears. Few pets are as miserable as those with serious skin problems due to allergies. You also want to check your pet for fleas and ticks to make sure that is not the problem. Using hypoallergenic shampoos and pet products can also help to reduce your pet's itching. If the itching continues you might want to ask your veterinarian for a prescription shampoo.
Recommended products: Vita-Sooth, Derma Tabs ES, Sebolux Medication Shampoo
The preceeding information is for educational and entertainment purposes only.
For serious problems please consult with your veterinarian.

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